Dems invoke the words of late Sen. McCain during Senate impeachment trial

Dems invoke the words of late Sen. McCain during Senate impeachment trial

Impeachment House manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) used video footage of late Sen. John McCain during the Senate impeachment trial to exemplify the threat posed by Russia to Ukraine over the course of history, and to reinforce the notion that support for Ukraine is critical to US national security. CNN’s Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer discuss with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. #CNN #News


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  1. This was pathetic and if it is not just a staged swamp show to pretend to attack each other then some democrats need to brought up on charges or treason. It was all made up and CNN and the other fake news tossed shiny objects to the disillusioned masses of democrats to keep them hoping. Again they have been soundly rebuked by sane non partisan grown ups.

  2. Imagine the fake news speaking like they are really care about the country , Dont we know that this fake news and swamp Dems , for how many years cover up Biden carrying cash from Ukraine and China , Obama having holding the weapons to defend the attacker if Ukraine , American people amart in their choices , Trump , Republican all rhe way no more Dems swamp ! Go marching in the quicksand with all fake news !

  3. Remember the Democrats excuse to close our coal mining ? , then got a lot of cash from Ukraine producing natural gas , The Democrats are a group of putting down Americas economy , to slave American people , flying tax payers money to support the Octopus Iran , mourner of terrorist .

  4. Of course he trump helped Russia, he owes Putin MONEY. Just watch he will lift all sanctions against Russia that is why Russia got trump in as president, they hacked the 2016 election and we all know it. What kind of knowledge or any qualifications to take on such a job? He doesn't even know the words to our national anthem.

  5. Bolton would make a deal with Trump, saying 'If you'll attack Iran, then I will protect you" , it's dangerous, and stupid . Reckless of those NeoLiberal hacks. The Democrats should be stripped of the name and just called fascists, and let us have our party back( it's unbecoming to be more into war than Republicans? & Totally hypocritical. It's the DNC under the influence of HRC, not the real Democratic Party.

  6. Oh my goodness. Using the traitor mcCain as a reference is the lowest they can go. The only people who ever colluded with Russia are the Democrats. If the Democrats would stop colluding with Russia, stop paying Russia for dirt on opponents, things will stop deteriorating. And the aid was released. Ukraine did not even know the aid was withheld. But NO word about Obama withholding aid. WHY is that? Schiff isn't making any point. The lot of Obama holdovers do NOT work with Trump, they work for the sewer rats. He should now get rid of all the rats that crawled from the sewers, only because Schiff promised them they will this time get rid of the opponent they know they can't beat, EVER!!!! Well, you great president will keep on making his country great, greater, greatest. Lovely thought for all of the free world. And now Britain has thrown of the globalist shackles at last. GREAT!!!!!!

  7. Do you know what's new development in Ukrainian democracy they just passed a law to If you want to became government official you have to pay fees to became candidate approximate their $100000 for president position or about 50000 for governor position and song all way to the bottom of the chain the cheapest one district a position about $10000 Now you're gonna magine who is who's gonna pay for all this fees none returnable by the way are whistling oligarchy said new progressive Libertarian leaning Ukrainian government completely screw up next change chances for and dependence freshments

  8. John McCain is the reason we didn't start fixing healthcare. The democrats voted against it and the president needed one vote and that was John McCain. He voted against it because of his hate for the president. Healthcare repair ended up dead in the water because of it.

  9. John McCain was a snake who made a lot of money off the tax payers. I'll let the Veterans pass judgment on McCain's time in service, not idiots that repeat media talking points.

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