Erasmus and Kolisi on reaching semi-final at Rugby World Cup 2019

Erasmus and Kolisi on reaching semi-final at Rugby World Cup 2019

South Africa head coach Rassie Erasmus and captain Siya Kolisi speak to the media after they beat Japan to book a place in the semi-final at Rugby World Cup 2019


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World Rugby


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  1. I don't see England Stopping the ABs nor the Welsh beating the boks…is an opening encounter once again in the final (Bokke vs ABs)

    Just hope the refereering won't ruin nor decide the game for us as has been the in this world cup.

    A wounded springbok bok team vs a motivated ABs team brings nothing but shivers to my spine.

  2. Faf extends his leg signalling to the opponents that he's about to box kick and give them the ball. Unless as a panic exit kick on our goal line or until the Bokke can perfect it by catching the ball and retaining possession stop doing it. Pure insanity.

  3. What a match and what a World Cup! Compared with football the hosts, fans, coaches and players are high-class. No racist chants, no insults, not throwing anything on the pitch, just supporting. Love you, fans. Applause to them all with all my heart. My wife still giggles when she remembers me sitting in front of my laptop this noon to watch the match, singing the South African anthem, wearing a Springboks-jersey and jumping up and down and rejoicing loudly when the Bokke scored again. And afterwards singing Shosholoza. And I am not from a rugby-country. But congrats to Japan too, you were great in your group and deserve to be included in the rugby-championship from next year on. Always had my fingers crossed for you in your group-matches.

  4. Can somebody please explain the purpose of all those box kicks. If your team has the ball, why would you kick it it 20 metres ahead with a high possibility of handing over possession?

  5. I am not saying that SA should do this or that. I am not a fan in the sense of fanatic at all. I don`t care what Italy does if it wins or lose ( I am not salty at all ) unless they play well ( and they are a long way away from that…) I just like to see a game that entertains me. Japan does that. A lot. SA doesn`t. Yes they are terrible in that sense and the result is boredom. That`s all there is to it. I am Just saying what I see and feel. So I am disappointed and sad that the truth cannot be spelled to some people but I guess that as SA can turn the pressure and have strength and grit, South Africans too as a whole show the same attributes. Style though… ( given the insulting comments…) doesn`t belong there

  6. Rugby is a sport where the generator is the forwards and set pieces. There is nothing that is more about the soul and origin of this great game than a well executed maul like the one the Boks produced today, it was a thing of beauty – leading to Fafs try. Silly comments below by folk who don't understand rugby particularly well – the idea that playing a tight, structured, territorial game is boring…come on – these teams were playing for a WORLD CUP semi – so you do everything possible strategically – and it was obvious coming into the game that the last thing SA needed was to throw the ball around and be more "entertaining" – that would obviously have given Japan a far greater chance of success. It's clear that the SA forward unit is on a different level to Japan. It's a tough call with Willie le Roux – he can be sublime yet also loose making silly mistakes. My guess is Rassie will go with him – because continuity has it's benefit – and hopefully have someone to cover in case he's not up to par. Willemse is such a talent but likely not match fit enough to risk in such a crucial match. Yet a potential game breaker he is. Kolbe has played for WP at 15, another possibility. He didn't see enough ball in the first half yet had he been at 15 he would have seen far more – and you just know at some point he will find space somehow.

    Always a pleasure hearing Rassie answer questions with his clear thinking and concise mind.

  7. Well done to Japan! Wish they scored a final try to end their brilliant world cup. As a South African I really wish they had a world cup plate tournament for the top 2 teams that get knocked out of the group stages to play the plate and then face the losers of the quarter finals so we can see more games and develop more nations.

  8. First of all, huge congratulations from a Japanese! I was honored to witness the best defense in the world.

    I was quite surprised that Rassie didn't explicitly mention the kicking strategy. Is it only that Rassie is hiding the strategy of kicking or was it not part of the explicit plan? If it is the latter, it bothers me as others comment. If it is the former, I do not think that the strategy was bad particularly against Japan or Wales. I felt the Springbok aggressive defense against the rucks looked more solid than when they possessed the ball actually. I was already hugely impressed by the Boks defense in the opening against the ABs but reconfirmed the impression by their excellent performance against Japan. I thought Ireland had similar trouble against the fast ABs defense to the rucks as well. This looks to me a new standard style of modern rugby.
    I am expecting the fundamental change in the kicking strategy in the final (I am expecting them to win in the semi).

  9. South Africa defended awesome, Japan kept coming and coming and South Africa held their nerve. I do believe they will beat Wales and it will be a hard fought battle as Wales are one game away from a finals berth. Go Bok's from a All Black nut hope we play each other in the final.

  10. Rassie is such a top coach I thought he was about to get up and force one of those one-eyed hacks to address a question to his captain. I was as embarrassed as he was so I stopped watching. But then, I am not South African so maybe I just don't get it.

  11. I have it on good authority that Japan was Hypnotized to lose this match. Here is my theory: If you play against a team coached by a man who has a name like RASSIE ERASMUS! and that name gets repeated over and over during the course of the build-up to a game it has a serious hypnotic side effect on the opposition as it gets stuck in their subconscious minds. Every time a Japanese player heard the name RASSIE ERASMUS! in the media and during their preparations for the game it was implanted in their minds. Maybe that's why they Eras-missed a few crucial tackles in the match. (Full disclaimer:) Repeat the name, RASSIE ERASMUS, RASSIE ERASMUS, RASSIE ERASMUS, RASSIE ERASMUS, … and you may lose control of your normal faculties.

  12. Both Rassie and Siya are leading role models for South African rugby. They both put the gentle in gentleman! Good luck for Sunday gents and win or lose this bok team have really done us proud!!!

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