Gingerbread village lights up for Christmas – BBC News

Gingerbread village lights up for Christmas - BBC News

A team of more than 30 artists and bakers in Poland have created a model village from gingerbread.

It consists of hundreds of houses and people, two chocolate trains and even castles and windmills.

The exhibit, on show at a shopping centre in the southern city of Gliwice, runs until 6 January.

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BBC News


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  1. Remainers accuse bbc of bias and the bbc has a meeting about employees using twitter. Leave voters complained for almost 4 years and were ignored. The BBC need to start looking for advertisers.

  2. No amount of gingerbread is going to change the mind of 17.4 million people regarding the lack of bbc impartiality over almost 4 years. I hope the reputation of the BBC was worth losing over your nihilistic support of the remain narrative and a far left ideology.

  3. To all the poor people in uk do u want to spend another twenty years being treat like nothing while the rich look down on us like dirt half of us ain't got a christmas this year we can continue being the rodents or rise up as one they dont believe we can because way theyve starved and put us down this aint believing in a country anymore this is being enslaved by a country.

  4. The BBC is simply absurd. . As we approach Christmas , where is the message of charity when the UK is being condemned by the UN for the levels of poverty in the 5th richest country in the world. Get Brexit done, the new dawn and a golden future, when the reality is clearly different.

  5. Flat. 17. Sheridan. Court. Ridgewood. Avenue. Manchester. Gangster. Saheed. Soleye. Cause. Problems. Harassment. Stealing Money. And. Threatening. Violence. Domestic. Violence. To. People

  6. The english language is a Christian language. Yet jew uses english to lie and spread atheism, zionism and marxism to get the numbers they need. Once they get the numbers all across the board, they will sin. The pharisees, the six pointed star, the zionism and marxism are all on the same side.

  7. What a disgusting vile horrible despicable diseased television industry.No wonder celebrities keep appearing with a story of entertainment industry rapists or groping.No wonder this industry has stolen a human life by running a coercive control bullying harassment campaign.Patronising,what do you think from your industry abusers.You think you can get a jolly fat man from the over weight or a jolly bald man if bald.A cretinous patronising hated bullying who thinks they can demean people or bully and then say they are joking or sorry.
    You are a personality unwanted unwatchable and seen as a bully and I hate bullies.Resign from television.I don't like you.Its not a job your crumb you gave.Its a cage for a bully to bully.Like a child with a stick tormenting a animal in a cage.Your a disgusting person.I won't ever thank you.

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