Jake Tapper fact-checks President Trump's defense team during Senate impeachment trial

Jake Tapper fact-checks President Trump's defense team during Senate impeachment trial

CNN’s Jake Tapper fact-checks some of the false claims by President Trump’s defense team during the Senate impeachment trial. #CNN #News


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  1. Trumpty Dumbty didn't give a hoot about an actual investigation of "the Bidens" just wanted an announcement of such so he could use it to falsely smear Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate he fears the most in the 2020 election. The whole corrupt trump scheme was for use in his rallies to feed the gullible cultists who will believe whatever BS trump spews at them. His cult following have the brains of zombies.

  2. The FAKE NEWS is at it again! President Trump and his supporters must remember to send CNN and MSDNC….oh, MSNBC….. thank you cards for assisting in the re-election of the greatest President of my lifetime. Just keep it up dopes; you are doing a great job!

  3. I seriously think the Biden's are being investigated as yet another attempt to distract from Trumps wrong-doings & cover-up of the Ukraine aid. Guillianni needs to be made to testify what he was actually doing w/ Russia in Ukraine. All oil drilling contracts !!!

  4. How can Trump fix his mouth to even have a problem with Biden .When he put his whole damn family in the White House that don't know s*** really are you f**** kidding me . Florida Senator Scott trifling roguish behind will push to cover Trump compulsive b****a***.So keep lying..keep Withhold funding while stealing from American and our Citzen know How to f/=÷× the Government we just want to live and let live.Underground railroad wont be shit in comparison. EXACTLY F+×÷ How you feel Senators do your fucking Job !

  5. Jake the snake…fact check this…Trump wins 51-49….Trump 2020, and I only tune into CNN to watch your pathetic, sad faces get longer and longer with a look of dread in your eyes every time Trump wins. Especially when the Senate voted 51-49…you look so sad on that Panel. Get over it already CNN. Geez!

  6. I can accept a lying, mob-boss mentality Trump any day…before ever accepting anything the loser democrats have to offer. At least he's my mob-boss. I guess there weren't enough AOC's in the Senate today. Rick Santorium tries to explain what the Senate voted on today, and CNN could not comprehend what he was saying.

  7. CNN has to exist in an alternate reality because they make absolutely no sense way too often in this reality !You have all cried wolf too many dam times you all have been exposed in you lies and false stories now it is time to do some investigating into what them democrats were doing in the Ukraine. Joe Biden has openly bragged about it so lets have a real investigation and see how innocent them boneheaded Biden's or the Kerry's or even the Pelosi's family team really were!!! smells way too fishy too me but Trump is the guilty one ?? camonnnnnn wtf up people

  8. For the less intelligent uninformed … you smarmy fucks. As the preeminent Constitutional attorney tried to explain It is PERFECTLY ok to for a POTUS to do something that simultaneously BENEFITS them, is in their self interest, as long as it benefits our COUNTRY at the same time !! Is this so hard to COMPREHEND ?
    In this instance the timing doesn't matter either. It does not matter that Trump made the call after Biden announced he was running. First of all there is no PROOF that Trump picked the time purely upon hearing Biden was running BECAUSE its like trying to PROVE that a thrown pitch in a baseball game which strikes the batter was a case of intentional assault. PROVE IT. You can't because unless the pitcher was caught on a recording at some point, prior to throwing the pitch, saying something like "I'm going to hit Joe Blow with a pitch to intentionally injure him" or overheard by 2 other people (One person becomes 'he said/she said), you have NOTHING. You asshole libs would go INSANE if a judge pulled this kind of thing on you at your pot bus trial. DEAL WITH IT. ALSO, deciding to investigate Biden after announcing he was going to run for POTUS only makes fucking SENSE you dumb pot smoking, addle brained idiots !! Major corruption by a possible future POTUS rises to the top AFTER he or she announces their intentions, IDIOTS !!
    Although I'm disgusted by it I also MARVEL at the job our nations public school systems and THE LEFT have done in brain washing and the dumbing down of our populace. HALF our country can not think critically, Its not entirely your faults and maybe I shouldn't be so mean but damn this shit pisses me the fuck off. How do we get our country back when half the population can't even figure out what I'm talking about (let alone what Mr. Dershowitz was talking about) ? DON'T JUST BLINDLY ACCEPT WHAT THESE FUCKERS ARE SAYING because they are on TV and look or sound important or impressive, you would have gotten eaten up in the Times Square of Manhattan in days gone by. ou think the red states are the 'rubes', dumb hicks ? LMAO !!
    I'm not saying 'Take my word for it" either. Think it out !! Ask questions !! DON'T be SATISFIED with letting your lazy minds be used like this !! YES, they are USING you. THEY don't respect you and you smug, self satisfied, Starbucks latte drinking, elitist, over educated (yes, I know, you can't be over educated but I'm talking about the snobs) assholes are the WORST !! How about this one ? How would TRUMP know if Biden would be found GUILTY or INNOCENT had the Ukraine investigated and prosecuted him ? Did you even THINK of this ? NO, YOU DIDN'T did you ? How would that have benefitted TRUMP ? THINK ABOUT IT. Then free yourself, free your mind from the democratic party controlled MSM !! Treat yourself BETTER , don't be used !!

  9. I just sent a text comment to Fox News via YouTube.. presumptuously introducing a challenge on behalf of CNN .. if we can get this happen it would be great.. the challenge.. reporters verse reporters. Polygraph test. Random selected polygraphers. Multiple tests maybe 10 each side. Maybe more. What are the odds of a landslide win?? For CNN.. I think good.. maybe must keep it private maybe a wager can be involved also.. main question … do they believe what they're saying?

  10. Maybe for now don't want to get that tough on them but this polygraph challenge .. that I have in mind for Fox News Network versus CNN… as to whether or not they believe their statements… If the challenge were highly publicized advertised?? Might that say something all by itself if declined?

  11. Damn here you go Jake describing anonymous here say report in the New York Times as gospel, this is why your ratings are in the tank, you spread lies as truth and you are on the wrong side of America
    And as Brian Stelter was crying about Fox news, or your boy Don Lemon belittling half the country, you are the morons in this country by continuing to insult the intelligence of the American people and we are wise to you and your agenda.
    It would be nice if your bosses and you would get over yourselves and start bringing real and honest news. then you might see your ratings turn around, but for now shows on Fox like Judge Jeanine with over 3 million viewers to the less then half million your sorry liars get and that's just one show.

  12. And Yet Republicans Don't Want To Believe The Truth/ Facts That Matters , Trump Turn The Reason All Around What Joe Biden And Hunter Biden To A Big Fat Lie That The Republicans Are Running With it Because Trump Put His Lies Out There !

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