Mike Pompeo defends President Trump's tweet threatening Iranian sites

Mike Pompeo defends President Trump's tweet threatening Iranian sites

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo backed President Donald Trump’s strong threats to Iran as the US braces for potential retaliatory actions by the country following an attack last week by US forces that killed Iran’s top military leader. #CNN #News


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  1. This might be the straw that breaks the back of our empire……which clearly we don't need to maintain….bring out troops home and let the world solve its tribal warfares!

  2. Hey y'all seem like fools when you know that they called Trump and told him where they were going to shoot the missiles at so they know American wouldn't get hurt. U.s. military could have knocked down those missiles in a blink of an eye don't be fools. It's a negotiation a given take, we let them save face that's all.

  3. Ive watched these american pollies,no body like a yes person,trump said he would hit cultural sites,pompeo talks like a side winder he no more than a trump employee

  4. Why be lead by the CIA jackals narrative it's impeach and replace and the Iranian hostility will come with a sane administration without the lead of the corporate and military complex and Israeli lobby jackal pompeo

  5. CNN should be called the terrorist network because they’re the biggest leakers. The only people who watch CNN is terrorist around the world so they can get a heads up when US military is coming to take them out.

  6. We should start a Petition to make a slight change to his name… he shall now be referred to as MIKe "POMPOUS"….. He is an arrogant and Pompous Liar, in that regard,, i must admit that he is the perfect match for Trump… the people of Kansas will not go for all of his Bullshit and will remember how directly involved he was in getting us,, one step away from world war 3,, Kansas should send him Over the Rainbow and into a Prison..

  7. There was a statement in TWSJ which quoted Trump as saying he felt pressured by GOP Senators to initiate the strike, in return for their support during the impeachment trial. Is there anyone who might want to research that? Very disturbing if true. I personally would like to know who those Senators are, which would indicate another component of the travesty continued by McConnell.

  8. I just ran across 'the atlantic' report of a pompeo interview. It was so obviously written one sided. I prefer the facts. I'll form my OWN friggin opinion, ty. Hate ppl with agendas. Huntley & Brinkley wouldn't believe how news reporting has changed.

  9. The business US has with Israel is reaching the size of monstrous shit seen from the space. It shows that rules of law, property rights and democracy are none existent, everything is good for manipulation and grab. That Jewish stick penetrating Ivanka is ruling America. First annexation plan of Palestine and then whatever else is to steal. American Army is serving Israel, singing national anthem is just a disguise. shalom cadets! Freedom of speech in United States of Israel! Maybe in Hebrew.

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