Reporter RIPS APART The New York Times For Political Coverage

Reporter RIPS APART The New York Times For Political Coverage

The New York Times isn’t having a great week. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

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“The New York Times’ three-year struggle to sustain its reporting algorithms, built for two political parties that have comparable relationships to reality, collapsed into a sordid heap of nonsense over the weekend.

The two central political truths of the moment are the profound asymmetry between the parties — one relying mostly on facts and the other trafficking almost entirely in deceit and division — and the wildly abnormal nature of the Trump presidency.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary)

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  1. Liberal YouTube will let beastiality chank puker spill his fake news. The Armenian Genocide denier himself. He's an embarrassment to himself to YouTube and he still is on YouTube. Alex Jones gets removed for nothing but he gets to talk about beastiality his idiot nephew wishes death on America so Susan give these morons a partnership. Why are you trying to run for office in a district that you don't even belong in?

  2. Hey TYT subscribers. Let's get real. We all know what will inevitably happen if Chenk the loudmouth 50 year old Man-Child continues to stay in the race. Opponents will bring up his bestiality comments. He is damaged goods that will bring shame to Progressives and hurt Bernie. That is why Bernie dropped him like a hot Horse-shoe. Please please I implore you. Send Chenk back into the barn.

  3. Notice to all you dick brained LEFT and dick brained RIGHT clowns whose only interest is political point scoring. Instead of anything useful, constructive, or helpful – its what political point no matter how stupid or irrelevant can I score today. And yeah TYT, Pakman, Kulinski, The Hill, Rubin, Shapiro and others are ALL GUILTY.
    While all you dickheads have been in this endless point scoring crap the Russians and Chinese have been on the march. The Russians have been interfering in every part of Europe and the Middle East they can. While the Chinese have effectively bought off a giant chunks of the Pacific, Asia and Africa with "development grants".
    Sooner or later America will put up a UN resolution or action or something and a whole swathe of little insignificant countries are going to gang up and say NO because they either vote against America or the Chinese money stops.
    If you doubt then ask Australia what happened recently when a bunch of small Pacific Islands they had been helping for decades suddenly sided with their new Chinese friends with lots of money.

  4. I'm outraged that both the L.A. Times and NY TIMES failed to report the fact that Cenk used to be a bedwetter when he was three, and didn't graduate to Pampers Pull-Ups till he was six. That's very disqualifying.

  5. You demonize cops and white people all the time. note that denying facts and opposing pluralistic society are different things. The latter is a political view.

    Did NYT report the recent case of a buy with MAGA ha being attacked by blacks in a bus? The idea that MSM is too right wing is absurd.

  6. Ana and Chenk. You must be very effective in truth-telling that have an impact on the trumpist-base. They seem terrified of you considering the amount of angry birds visiting your commentfield. Good work! Keep it up.

  7. Hi TYT Subscribers. How many of you women find chubby loudmouth Man-Child Chenk sexy? We ask because Chenk has apparently been rejected so much by women he is now dating Horses.

  8. I will start out saying we disagree on most things, often not a lot, but disagree we do. I also like your broadcasts, so I watch/listen. What ever happen to not publishing without verifying by 2 other sources. Maybe I've watches too many old movies. I don't read the Times anymore so was this published as News or OP-ED pieces??

  9. Dean is SELLING papers, stories, whatever… Not facts! Newspapers are still in big trouble and now massively overleveraged in debt, their only business is their popularity as an online source in a consumer-debt based commercial culture ran by government lobbyist who write the bills and specials interest who create the narratives and judges chosen BECAUSE of their bias. How is real news possible?

  10. The Times is clearly conceding reality to the Drumpf Administration. Rather than double down on uncovering the facts and presenting them each and every time Drumpf calls them "Fake News", they're just giving Both Sidesism a new national platform for pure bullshit.

  11. I, as a Trump supporter in Canada, agree with this video. The NYT needs to publish the facts, all of them! Not just the facts that favour one party or another. Let's be honest, there is corruption between Ukraine and the bidens. If you dispute that you literally believe fake news. Hunter Biden getting a job as a board of director on a national energy company being paid $50-80k a month (with zero experience in the sector) once his dad is VP? That's a *fact*. The President and foreign minister of Ukraine both saying they weren't pressured? That is a *fact*. Joe Biden running for president doesn't absolve him of a legitimately founded investigation!

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