See how each senator voted on witnesses at Trump’s trial

See how each senator voted on witnesses at Trump’s trial

The Senate voted to block any witnesses from being called in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, a move that will mark the beginning of the end of the third Senate trial for a president in US history. The Senate voted 51-49 to defeat a motion to allow subpoenas for witnesses and documents, with two Republicans, Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Mitt Romney of Utah, joining Democrats to back extending the trial.
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  1. The NO senators are those who derive pleasure in lies. What will these senators tell their children. MoscowMitch will see how God punishes
    the wicked, liars and evildoers.

  2. Obviously the law means absolutely nothing in this country. People should be nervous these Republicans are just a rogue party completely Lawless in charge they stole the election and they rigged this trial I wonder if all the Democrats that don't believe in guns are starting to feel stupid and someone about to be victimized. You got to start thinking people. What if the Americans did not stop the Nazis? What if we become the Nazis who would stop us? If you let them rig your trials rig your elections what are they going to do next?

  3. You Senators have unleashed a dark corrupt force on your country that is being driven from outside sources. This corrupt man is showing you what he is, and if he gets another term your country will forever be changed.

  4. Gangrene from Potus 45 down. Can the United States correct the errant course set by these self-before-country pariahs? How dare they continue to pin our flag on their lapels and fake service to the majority and it's Constitution? I hope WE learn from this debacle, although from the Putin puppet on top, down through Republican ranks it reeks more-of-the-same deadly virus. 2020 calls for a pruning. Do the young voters, sons and daughters of the greatest generation have the will to not look away? Will they take the future back from one percenters sucking life from the flow of currency into a drowning Dead Sea?

  5. trump is now a Saddam Hessian starting to purge all his enemies and replacing them with his cronies and family. We are now officially a totalitarian nation. Putin's plan now to take over our once free nation is nearly 100% complete. Vindmen, and Iowa are all due to Putin's wishes all assisted by trump's mob. Our Democracy is over.

  6. Great country. Great President. Lousy Democrats. Pelosi and Schiff be gone !! What a waste !! As a tax payer, I cannot afford people like Pelosi and Schiff in Wa DC…. Send them to a place where they can be useful …

  7. Schumer ''I'm going up to my caucus to discuss what we are doing next'' <<<< When is this ever going to stop.? These Demobrats are clearly not interested in their constituents, their only mission is to destroy Donald Trump.!!!

  8. For quite some time the GOP has been in large part a group of immoral cowards: supporting BIG tobacco, BIG pharma, health insurance companies and not health coverage for all of us, guns, and now Russia helping the GOP to cheat their way into office. The GOP is the evil side of good versus evil.

  9. McConnel just wait for your turn – wait for 1 day Chump will Kick your a….. if u dont please him – dont do what he told you to do in his way .
    Just wait and see – you are a idiot just like the rest of REP .

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