Soleimani’s Bloody Legacy in Syria

Soleimani’s Bloody Legacy in Syria

Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was a staunch supporter of the Syrian regime, and was the mastermind that helped shift the Syrian war in Bashar Al Assad’s favor.
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  1. once every 500 to 1000 years we get somone as great as suleimani. he will be known as a saint to all 3 abrahamic religions and his name will not fade from history ever.

  2. Since in the past, the rise of Iranian islamic republic, clearly want to be a regional power broker in the mideast, effectively using Islam to gain popular support and pursue modern day Persian empire, same strategy with Putin's invasion of Ukraine's Crimea, and China's nine dash line maritime claims, regional hegemony

  3. He is the war criminals .No doubt about it. What happened to the civillians in Allepo and the city of Allepo itself enough to recognize this man is the war criminals.May Allah give him that he deserves for what he has doing against the innocent peoples.

  4. If Issis and Qaeda are criminals and Suleimani killed them then he should be good and a Hero. On the other hand if ISSIS and Qaeda resemble democracy and freedom then Suleimani will be a criminal. Say it clearly to the public.

  5. TRT World is really wrong about this fact!

    I don't think Qasem Suleymani are the person who is responsible for survival Assad Regime..

    I think the right person who save the regime from people power is.. Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi..

    Assad and his regime should give thankful to Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi.. without him revolution can't be stopped even Russian can't enter Syria without him!


  6. Hello TRT world here's my feedback based on your video.

    Solemani was a hero !

    1. First off all there is no doubt that Soleimani was a hero. He was one of the main force behind eradicating the Iraq & Syria from the Daesh, Al-Qaeda and other radical terrorist groups.

    2. In Syria he wasn't there to prompt up President Assad to stay in power because Assad was a fighting rebels who are fighting for freedom & democracy. THIS IS A COMPLETE MYTH AND MISREPRESENTATION of the true purpose of Solemani's role in Syria. The Iranians were legally invited to Syria by the Syrian Government which is every government right to do so in-order fight terrorism that the many countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia were funding and arming. If those terrorists would have taken over Syria and Iraq then Iran is threatened. Terrorism has NO BORDERS. Iran not only is in Syria to fight the terrorists but also to protect the Islamic holy sites that are under the threat of the Radicals groups. If you rename those terrorists as rebels and civilians instead then what you are doing is complete propaganda

    3. The 2011 Anti-government protests in Syria were NOT peaceful. Yes there was violence from the Government side but also from the protesters. On many occasions Government Supporters, police officers and soldiers were killed in the early days of the protests. Plus the many public property was burned like the Baath party head quarters in Deraa and a court house.

    4. When you claim that the Iran backed groups and the Syrian Arab Army were not fighting terrorism and instead killing civilians I don't know if you know what's happening in Syria but get your facts straight. Daesh, Al-Qaeda, Nusra and many other extremist/radical groups where occuyping parts of Syria… Not only that but Brett McGurk – the U.S. government’s Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL — described Idlib as “the largest Al Qaeda safe haven since 9/11,” adding that the presence of Al Qaeda in Idlib was a “huge problem … If you know but Idlib is located in Syria.

    5. Iran has always admitted that is has sent Military advisers to train and advise the Syrian Arab army this is different from sending actual military and soldiers to do the actual fighting which Iran has not send the actual troops and Military.

    6. Even before Daesh in Syria in 2014 there was still Al-qaeda backed groups which Iran was still fighting.

    7. Gas attacks and using starvation in the Syrian war by Assad and Iran is a complete lie. This is not true. These are only based on accusations. On many occasions the Syrian army was accused of using hunger as a weapon of war but yet later it was proven that it was the militants that occupied cities that would hoard the food supplies and sell them at inflated prices to people.

    8. To conclude, although Syria's allies played some role in ensuring that the Syrian government doesn't fall to the radical groups BUT that's not the main reason. If it wasn't for the Syrian people support for their government then definitely Assad would have fallen. Having public support of your own people is your way to legitimacy and survival. For example to go back in history, when the Islamic revolution in Iran started, the Shah of Iran who had alot of support from the US and other western countries lost power because he didn't have public support.

  7. Now that he has gone to the other side, the eternal one. He will be held accountable for all his actions. His death was swift but the trial of the afterworld is indeed very hard. Killing people in the name of shia or sunni islam will only end up a person in the fire of hell.

  8. Yes he killed alot of terrorists brought fro 80 different countries to Syria through turkey, and helped Syria take land back for Syrians from the turkish supported terrorists. erdogan is the terrorist.

  9. The difference between soleimani and others is that this guy was able make people believe that killing is not a bad thing. It’s a greater good he called it. There is no greater good in killing. It’s just stupid selfishness. History will remember him as they way people now documents him. I’m sure Iran is going to document him as hero. Now it’s rest of the world work to document him for who he really is.

  10. one sided report, simple has no Credit .
    You have not mentioned About ISIS ,
    Solimani was there 2011 before , he could kill thousands but now there is a reason that you trying to hide from Public becoz it shame to Turkey , A country destroying its brotherly Country SYRIA.

    I am Muslim Sunni, not shai but i hate lyies .

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