Germany's 14-Year World Cup Plan Destroyed Brazil

Germany's 14-Year World Cup Plan Destroyed Brazil

July 9 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brendan Greeley discusses the German elimination of Brazil in the 2014 World Cup. he speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


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  1. Neymar here neymar there Germany is missing Marco reus , Mario Gomez , Bender , Gündogan  with neymar Germany win only  5:1 ??? much show from brasil team before with neymar with trikot  when anthem begin but after  it going fast all for them to the end

  2. yea u cant just say that neymar was missing for brazil without mentioning that we lost reus before the worldcup… best german player at the moment.
     And it wasn't just Brazil that had enormous pressure. germany had to win this worldcup or it would have enormous consequences. Like Löw being kicked out as the coach. personal changes…. change of the philosophy and so on… The public pressure to succeed was just as high here as in Brazil.

  3. i don´t understand how to plan a victory against the 5-times Champion of/in the world in Soccer . there is no plan existing ever. it is Teamwork. it is havin´fun. it is respecting each other. we always had our problems to win against south american Teams or southern countries in europe (like italy or spain)

  4. the pundit's point point, the defeat of 2000 lead to 2014 victory is accurate(imho)! nowadays every pro team has to pay for a top level youth academy, sort of a prep school for pro-soccer, and provide talents to the national level. lots of former u21 u19 players for Germany play for other Nations at senior level, especially for Turkey, as this is the largest group of 2nd generation immigrants over here. unless this 80mil country runs out of young athletic and ambitions men, Germany will play a major role in international soccer for years to come! 
    but keep in mind, brazil has the population(and herefore talent-pool) of ger, esp, & ita combined, the last 3 WC winners! brazil are bound to bounce back! so long..;-)

  5. Well…talking about the best player missing on the Brazil team…Marco Reus, who was elected the best players of the Bundesliga season before the WC also was unable to play for the German team due to injury. Ilkay Gündogan, arguably the best German #8 could not make it to the WC due to a 1 year injury. Both Bender twins were injured (and at least Lars would clearly have been invited to come along instead of Mustafi or Großkreutz). So I am not saying that the loss of Neymar wasn't a factor for this game, but Germany were missing some of their best players as well. Nobody can say what the game would've been like if both teams had had all their best players at their disposal, but my guess is that if it had made a difference at all, then only in that the Germans might have won even higher.

  6. i dont know who this man is at the beginning who said germany planned on doing this for 14 years. but this is compeletly shi*. they trained to win this and to make their country proud and NOT to achieve such a result or humiliate someone so badly. i dont think this man has an idea of football. im sorry.

  7. As a part of our FOURTEEN-YEAR PLAN we created an exceptionally well trained ARMEE of SUPERSOLDATEN to win the BLITZKRIEG against brazil and finally use our WUNDERWAFFE Götze to lead us to the ENDSIEG over argentina.

    That reporter facepalm

  8. Holland has a team that Can move the Ball like germany ? Lol! Argentina is 10 + messi ? Mascerano? Zabaleta? Higuain? Even though it wasnt exactly his tournament

  9. It's not about german or brasilian culture or a "14yr plan"… it's just that the germans played a South American style of play of short passes and first time shooting; they played brasil the way brasil plays. And to top it off the brasilian coach picked a horrible squad.

  10. I am f©¢king sick and tired of the accusations of Germany somehow "running up the score". Rather than giving them their just due, They are called "cold" "ruthless", "merciless". Had the Brazilians laid the SMACKDOWN would they show anybody mercy? Hell no! Everybody anti European would say Brazil "beautifies" the game by dropping 7 or 8 goals.And nobody would call the Brazilians out as a bloody shame for "humiliating" the Germans. Pure BS. After the game no Brazilian player gave the Germans any credit. Brazil you can kiss my ass.

  11. This clown says talent is something un-german? By his funny accent I can tell he don't know Jack about soccer. Germans are the most consistent winners and show up every world cup. At least reaching the semi finals every time. That's more than the other soccer powers can say. And only 80 million people? That's no tiny population by any means.

  12. To those who will do anything to discredit Germany's victory I say this, first of all injuries are a sad part of the game. Missing Tiago Silva was a bigger blow to Brazil than Neymar; but still, he alone couldn't ultimately save them from the German onslaught. Need proof? Holland destroyed a Silva led Brazil team 3-0 and Netherlands is still an inferior team to Germany. secondly, to those who say Marco Reus can't replace anybody on the German team I say there is nobody who needs replacing, its simply next man up.

  13. Superbowl yesterday has an example here that FIFA can learn. I don't care much for American football anymore but they do get this one right, the MVP or "best player" should be on the winning team. Messi didn't score a single goal after the group stage. And those opponents were easy pickings; Bosnia, Nigeria, Iran? C'mon!! Mascherrano carried that team to the final, not Messi! so he had no business winning the best tournament player award.

  14. The Brazilian team no longer represents the Brazilian soccer community , since most of Brazil's best players are now snapped up by wealthy European clubs at an early age and spirited off to the continent to develop and play. Brazil, Argentina, and other South American teams are now largely a diaspora who get together every so often to compete under the national banner, but who are not really part and parcel of the national soccer scene.

  15. The Brazil is in the Rock Bottom , We are in financial crisis , political , social, and one thing we brought joy , we were humiliated. This defeat came crown the Rock Bottom .

  16. This game was 80% about Brazil collapsing and only 20% about Germany. As was proven in the subsequent final against Argentina. A full Brazil team a few months later may have drawn or even beaten Germany. This semifinal was a complete aberration. It just happened to happen in the WC semifinal. This abysmal video is about some standard US-American tv-people desperately trying to make yet another twisted story on something they know nothing about.

  17. Neymar not present, and their best defender not present.
    brasil basically didnt have a team.
    that's like messi and mascherano missing from argentina team.

  18. Anyone else watching this thinking "What's he shiting on about?…" Brazil conceded 7 because Silva was injured and Luiz and Dante were shambolic… They had no leaders. No one to turn to…

  19. 0:46 What the fuck is he talking about? He even says, the European game opened up and brought in a load of Eastern European players when Eastern Europe is already in and part of European football. It goes to show that he will talk out of his arse just to appear like he knows what he is talking about.

  20. no mercy?
    the germans showed NO MERCY????????
    after the 5th goal lahm gathered the team together and literally told them to slow down.
    if they wanted the germans could have made this 10 or 15-0
    the world saw how easily they were scoring.
    thats fuckin basketball man.
    at that rate they could have been 10-0 by the half.
    the germans showed mercy alright its just that the Brazilians were so bad that if the germans didnt score the final 2 it would have looked so fake.

  21. And now my analysis of the Superbowl: "Once upon a time there was a tusk melting the pythagorean theorem on the moon. It took us just about eleven hours to gamble at the birthday-party of the holy jerbel, who shouldn'd be mentioned in public after dark. In short: the Superbowl is the topic of my podcasts from now on."

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