Informants | Al Jazeera Investigatations

Informants | Al Jazeera Investigatations

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit takes you inside the shadowy world of FBI informants and counterterrorism sting operations.

Following the 9/11 attacks, the FBI set about to recruit a network of more than 15,000 informants.

Al Jazeera’s investigative film tells the stories of three paid FBI informants who posed as Muslims as they searched for people interested in joining violent plots concocted by the FBI.

Interactive Documentary : Informants

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  1. We all know the main culprit pushing this agenda for the "Real Powers To
    Be" is mostly school teachers and professors, SJW's, Fake News MSM,
    Social media and Hollywood which all have a 90% Leftist bias ideology.
    Tell me why Donald Trump Won! No I'll tell you. Because it takes a 90%
    Leftist bias ideology to balance out the Right and keep us all in check
    (evenly divided) by the real powers to be. Stop being a puppet and a
    parrot for the Fake News MSM networks (CNN, Buzzfeed, MSNBC, CBS News,
    Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, Viacom and much more) all
    owned by the real people running the world! Yes Fox News too. Everyone
    get off Facebook and Instagram that way we can punish them. Boycott
    Facebook & Instagram!

  2. Jews/Rothschild paid FBI , using $ to bring poor people and use it as advertising they should have a reason to do all these war crimes in so many Countries for Israel's expansion.

  3. System is broken! These individuals exploiting system and bystanders to keep big money rolling and keep the job. These individuals sees nothing but the money. They have no moral or ethical compass and governments around to the world blandly following and rolling over to tune of them. This very wrong!

  4. Al Jazeera has a caption below every video, "Al Jazeera is funded in whole or in part by the Qatari govt." Seems a little racist to me. The White House channel doesn't have a "funded by US Govt" caption. HATE SPEECH!

  5. this is so sickening.. so that tells me if the US can't find any terrorists they will use their own people to create some terrorists then arrest them??!! WOW

  6. The fbi isn’t perfect but we’re pretty close?

    Perfect at entrapping Muslim men simply for being Muslim I’m outraged.
    All the while a REAL plot may end up going ahead because the fbi is too busy setting ppl up.
    This is not the right way to go about this all it’s gonna do is create more suspicioun and hatred.

  7. Social media brought us together so that we spy on each other.. I could have been a victim too but whenever I met a friend online from Facebook.. instagram or even twitter I would avoid certain conversations with them.. whom should you trust??? FBI are everywhere and in every country and even they are online users and comment in every social platform and read whatever we write even here in YouTube.. trust has long gone and we as the Muslim community believe that it is a hard time for us at the moment but history will keep a good record of all this happenings today…

  8. people like that hateful black guy from the mosque are only good at dividing people & not uniting them. this is BS if you behave the FBI wont have a reason to mistreat you. as a muslim I'm ashamed of these people & the Aljazeera for their one-sided BS story, you can't brainwash the young generation anymore, you idiots

  9. As if the FBI shouldn’t keep an eye on Muslim student organizations that are controlled by the Muslim brotherhood. All you need to do is to go to some mosques and film undercover and you will find the truth. It’s not all mosques but some of them teach hatred but that will only happen when they know they’re alone and then let cameras in and pretend like we’re doing nothing here.

  10. Terrorist muncul disebabkan oleh Suku-suku Bangsa Komunis seperti Bangsa-bangsa Arabn dan Bangsa-bangsa bermata sipit.

    Suku-suku Bangsa Indonesia tidak termasuk perhimpunan Komunis (Komuni's).

    Anna'lla = Saya komunis.

  11. Be a good citizen and report Terrorism, even for a hint of evidence.
    Remember, certain a devil man wearing beard and skull cap, might be that Terrorist who has God's word only till his throat, but hands soaked in the blood of innocents.

  12. Frankly, I have no confidence in Al Jazeera and as much for the FBI.

    The last 2 FBI directors – Mueller and Comey … It says a lot about the integrity of the FBI but Al Jazeera is not better then …

  13. Agency "afforded an opportunity " for conspiracy. While targeting them in populated areas, they ignored the white guys who have actually mass killed in USA the last decade or so

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