The Terminator and the Washing Machine | Retro Report | The New York Times

The Terminator and the Washing Machine | Retro Report | The New York Times

What the legendary matches between supercomputer Deep Blue and chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov reveal about today’s artificial intelligence and machine learning fears.

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The Terminator and the Washing Machine | Retro Report | The New York Times


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  1. It's the scientists that are the architects of our potential demise. Their culture is about whether or not they can do something, rather than whether or not they should do something.

  2. This actually reminds me of a book I just finished reading called Scythe and in it there is something called The Thunderhead (like the cloud) that governs the entire world, and actually helps humanity, because it realized that we'd fall apart so to speak without it. The book is really cool and The Thunderhead is just a small aspect of the story

  3. The reason why we're taught to fear AI is because one day it will replace all of us in every workplace and humanity will need to switch to a "Mechanized Communism" government system in-order to survive. The owners of this country don't wan't that so they're funding all this "fear the machine" bull-crap to keep us brain-washed. One day artificial intelligence will be our savior, not or enemy.

  4. My favorite example of describing how a robot would need to be taught common sense is with the robot butler example. A robobutler is walking through a kitchen with a glass of milk. Teaching it common sense would be teaching it not to stomp through the baby crawling on the floor to avoid spilling the milk.

  5. I like how they admit that advances will probably do more to remove employment opportunities, consentrate wealth, and increase government spying. So honestly technology is don't all bad things??? I think that statement is somewhat accurate as we have more technology than ever before an yet we are less content and happy than we used to be.

  6. The solution is not hard to find. Humans most merge with technology (by using it as a tool or by physically improving our bodies and brains). Creating technology that isn't meant to be enhance our capabilities is risky and pointless. Upgrading our abilities to think, to move, to stay in shape, to detect early health issues, etc, is the way to go.

  7. Just watching that small scene from 2001 at the beginning of the video gives me chills. Such a good movie. Confusing at times and I still have not quite understood the ending but the HAL parts are magnificent, heartbreaking, and satisfying all at the same time.

  8. I think the fear of robots is just a fiction device. You create a universal enemy.
    Then A.I.
    Simple as that. It’s a great literary device. Nothing more then that

  9. I think what people also need to understand about AI is that it's inherently flawed. We base learning systems off of how we think human think; a lot of analogies in cognitive science are based on computers (information-processing theories are straight out of a computer programmer's handbook). But it's not a perfect analogy. Our brains don't work exactly like computers. In fact, there's a lot about learning and human cognition we know nothing about. We can replicate pretty close with computers, but sentient beings with human-like learning and intelligence I'm not sure will be possible until we understand fully how the human mind works.

  10. in less than 3 years the time to worry arrived.    Scientists in Japan were working on bot warriors,  literally creating  killing machines.  News leaked out of Japan in December. They staged a trial run or demonstration or rehearsal and the bots killed 22 people. We do not know how many bots and if they were fighting humans to create a realistic war scene for an audience, possible investors or government or just the staff who had been working on it. Japan is not releasing details, nor even admitting it. Several silicon valley nerds went to japan recently

  11. The sci-fi doomsday is not going to be like The Terminator. It will be used to alienate and put the masses out of jobs. Sophisticated AI is for a society that has conquered its issues, not for one in ruin to replace human beings for greed.

  12. You know artificial intelligence is pretty amazing but there's some jobs that robots will never be able to take over. Like as a CNA robots may help people take care of the elderly but they will never replace human instinct.

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