CNN reporter: Giuliani made a stunning admission

CNN reporter: Giuliani made a stunning admission

In an interview with the New Yorker, Rudy Giuilani said he needed former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch “out of the way,” and went on to say she was going to make investigations into President Donald Trump’s political rival “difficult.”

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  1. My gosh…we should be thanking Rudy Giuliani. He’s uncovered this corrupt ambassador Yovanovitch. She clearly lied and denied Visas to Ukrainians that tie Biden and Democrats to corruption. It’s amazing the media isn’t too interested in this obvious corrupt former Vice President. They should be begging Rudy for his proof. Instead….not only are they not covering it they’re trying to bury Rudy Giuliani. Let him show what he’s got. Let those witnesses and/or signed affidavits come forward. The media is as corrupt as Joe and Hunter.

  2. Giuliani is being investigated for many crimes w/o evidence. Sound familiar President Trump? The difference between a conspiracy theory and stating facts is evidence. Here is Giuliani talking about evidence he found during his Ukraine trip: In here he talks about the attempted assassination of Victor Shokin. Here is the interview Shokin gave right before this attempt on his life: 0

    Many people ask why Giuliani was there when we have state department people to take care of Trump's Ukraine business. Well Here is why he got rid of Yovanovitch and Taylor and why Rudy was sent to Ukraine to learn stuff:

    Having two sets of rules for people is not going to fly in fly over country. You send D'Souza to jail for campaign violation, but you won't even look into billions of $ of laundered money. I wonder why. This started with the Clintons but it isn't going to continue. The media has got to go back to just being biased. They are complicit in this corruption and give cover to crooks.

  3. Lol Crap News Network at it again….I watched the Giuilani interview where he tells he uncovered billions of dollars unaccounted for that were said to be sent to Ukraine during the Obama presidency…. in reality the money was sent through Biden and to his son and given to the democrats under Barack Obama. Yovanovitch is one of the people who received money and was part of the cover-up. Scary stuff

  4. ummmm imbasidor yanananvch or whatever is in some very very deep water can you say indightment from durham and a few others including kent would not want to be him lol epic takedown comming

  5. How stupid can these assholes at CNN be ? What the hell is wrong with removing Yovanovitch if she is obstructing justice. She refused to give entry visas to four Ukrainian officials who wanted to testify about Biden obstructing investigations and other misdemeanors of Obama officials.

  6. Wasn’t she a Obama administration hold over which means she was in the Ukraine during the Biden investigation so she knew the whole situation. As for Presidents using people outside the administration it’s nothing new. FDR had Harry Hopkins living in the White House and he had no position in the administration yet was advising FDR.

  7. Biden
    has boasted about his role in getting Shokin fired. During a 2018
    speech at the Council on Foreign Relations,
    he said he withheld $1 billion in loan guarantees for Ukraine in
    order to force the government to fire the investigator."I looked
    at them and said: 'I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is
    not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a
    bitch. He got fired. Hunter Biden showed poor judgment in
    getting involved with Ukraine. At that point, it was pretty clear
    that his father was already the lead American policy person on
    Ukraine," he said. "And even if there's no conflict of
    interest, I think that he should have been more mindful of how that


    The Dems
    impeachment fantasies are dead.
    Witness Gordon Sondland ADMITED:
    was No
    quid pro quo.
    RECEIVED: A meeting AND Security assistance.

  8. When you have a bad apple in the bushel you remove it before it ruins all the rest. Her actions will be shown. Heck the last 3 days of the trial might show exactly how SHE was covering UP the corruption instead of showing it. Wait and watch…there is a very goor reason why Trump said she had many things to face…He knows, you don't.

  9. Knew Giuliani was a loose cannon since last year when he was grinning and talking inappropriately during an interview. It was like; doesn't he have a grip of how serious this is?

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