Could Brexit unfreeze Anglo-Russian relations? George Galloway thinks so

Could Brexit unfreeze Anglo-Russian relations? George Galloway thinks so

The UK needs new foreign partners after Brexit and mending ties with Russia looks like a logical step, especially with London not having to observe EU sanctions against Moscow any more, ex-MP George Galloway tells RT.

“Britain has slipped its moorings in the EU and is setting sail for the world,” with last week’s Brexit, Galloway said on Friday, while visiting the RT headquarters in Moscow. Russia is “a major part” of this world, being the largest country in Europe and one of the biggest international economies, he added.


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  1. If they want a trade deal make them jump over a few hoops like giving the 16 billion back to Venezuela with a letter of apology along with it and clean up their act and become more democratic and give scotland their referendum yea a list of demands if you like to trade and become a normal country

  2. Europe including Britain already has a trade deal with Russia, only it's 1-sided in Russia's favour as the commodity traded is Russian gas. Russia makes billions from Europe but we don't see any Russian money here because USA says we're not allowed.
    Oddly enough western governments are desperate for a Chinese trade deal, and they have a worse record than Russia.

  3. I'm not sure Vladimir Putin will be such an easy push over as that, especially after the British government tried to frame him for Russia's supposed part in the Salisbury novichoc poisoning of the skripols.
    Some people have very short memories, not Mr Putin.

  4. Galloway finally says something worth considering — the guy is not in a habit of saying anything that isn't plain stupid. Not a word I like to use, but sometimes it is the only one that suits — and for him, it suits. Here though, he has a point that having a deep freeze relationship with Russia is not productive, and in fact both the U.S. and the U.K. could benefit by getting over seeing Russia as some reincarnation of the Soviet Union, and hence an enemy. Trump is forever being called a Russian stooge, or worse, by ill-educated, and ill-mannered, people, but basically thinks the same. To write Russia off as the bad guy in everything is to forgo opportunities for trade and cooperation, particularly in the northern most regions like the Arctic, where the U.K. is at least somewhat interested. . 

    Now if Galloway would manage to get in touch with the real world, stop being a lunatic socialist, and lose that silly hat, he might graduate from stupid.

  5. The topic itself is absurd. Whether Brexit or Bretrance does not change The Anglo-American stand on Russia. It is all the same. After all, the game of Brexit has nothing to do with EU. It is designed for a new alligment of weaking the EU and creating another bogus organization dominated by Anglo-American rulers in order to contimue dominating the world. It is very simple why anobody misses this point. If You do not see this, just wait for a while who is aligning with whom. Wait and see.

  6. Don't count on it. Canada could have great relations with Russia but its US zion master tells Canada what to do to the point it can detain canadian citizens on canadian soil to be detained by US border guards.

  7. U.K. and Russia have compatible economies. So , why not? The rest is just idiocy. The rhetoric can be changed in instant, it always has been superficial anyway. Boris is far from being uptight and righteously judgmental caw as madam May was. His mind is clear of thous, which is nonsensical mold. New approach is what will propel Britain forward.

  8. I hope so. I'm British and I live Russia and Russian people. But are strongly doubt this would happen as half the political class is in bed with the EU and the other half are in bed with America.

  9. The west knows Russia brings it on its self and using a chemical weapon on UK soil is a sign of mafia led state,,, plus the UK doesn't need any relations with Russia ,the UKs economy is twice the size of Russias. George Galloway is the least qualified person to speak of anything hence he got the RT job.

  10. Russia should never ever trust Britain. Russia must remember how Britain fooled them in WW1. Brexit is an eye wash and it’s a trap for Russia. Britain is criminal and i call my all Russian friends avoid making friendship with Britain.

  11. Never trust George Galloway. He is showing off that he and Britain want to be friend of Russia. But never trust him. He has poisoned blood in his body. He is spy by Britain. Get out George ! We have recognized you ! He is very similar to Lawrence of Arabia the spy. Be careful Russia and RT.

  12. Wishful thinking overall.
    Sure there will be moves by the UK for more Trade.
    Russia I am certain though will be very careful before they go all the way with the UK.
    Odds on the UK is simply going to Trade one Master in Brussels for a new one in Washington now. Become a complete Lapdog of the USA.
    There are certain high tech areas where Russia could be interested in buying certain UK goods but they will be very cautious of a UK in bed with the USA. They know the UK will not think twice about weaponising whatever they buy off he UK if the USA says "do it". Russia will be looking for the UK to make more decisions like the one to use Huawei for 5G despite USA objections. The UK will have to work very hard to gain Russian trust
    Russia knows the UK will buy Russian Gas as UKs own Gas supplies dwindle simply because it is the cheapest.
    In reality it's more likely EU Trade with Russia will improve now that a very Anti Russia UK is out of the EU.

  13. The Biggest Engineering Project taking place in the world today is the “Silk Road One Belt Road”. Britain is a "Free Trading Nation" and we want to do business with countries like China, Russia, Africa, Turkey and Iran as well as trading within the Anglo-Sphere. Of course our relationship with Anglo-Saxon Nations is important, but so too is our relationship with our Commonwealth. Britain wants "Peace and Prosperity" through "Free International Trade".

  14. What ? Did i miss the script or whats going on here, the UK was the most Anti-Russia Country in the EU and still is. Wasnt the UK the first to yell ,,Sanctions,, in the EU parlament everytime Russia came in as an Argument ? Syria ? Ukraine ? Turkey Jets? Lybia? Get lost, if someone gets better relations with Russia its the EU for sure not the Brits.

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