CrossTalk: Quitting Afghanistan?

CrossTalk: Quitting Afghanistan?

After almost two decades of war and occupation, American military involvement in Afghanistan appears to be winding down. A deal with the Taliban will see the majority of American troops leave, while still allowing a sizeable contingent to remain. Just what exactly is Washington’s geopolitical interest to be in Afghanistan? Will America’s longest war ever end?

CrossTalking with Intizar Khadim, Daniel McAdams, and Max Abrahms.


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  1. "U.S. citizens are sick of the war in Afghanistan" – LOL The public Are a deluded' bewildered herd' told what to do by a oligarchy, there is no democracy folk; thank you very much!

  2. Mr. four eyes professor is naive at best and a zionist at. worst .And the Taliban are the Afghanistan people fighting for their freedom against 'Christian ' foreign invaders.

  3. Does.RT have to go along with this 9-11 Afghan lie in order to stay on the air? In which case – maybe we can overlook this episode with professor propaganda from Northeastern. Building 7 falling is all you need to see.

  4. Narcissism cannot give up power. We own the world 22 military suicides every day we live by the beauty of our weapons…Full spectrum domination and new Space Force coming from Donald second coming of God, King of Israel, the chosen One, "I am a stable genius" says Donald. USA culture of Narcissism poops out a Bush, Obama, Trump.

  5. Why do you forget. Ben Laden protected by Mulla Omar and Bush asked him give up Ben. Omar asked "Show me the proof that Ben was involved " Bush said, "I don't have to show no proof." So Mulla Omar took Ben Laden to Pakistan. Remember, "Show Me". USA Blew it big time. USA always creates monsters 1979 CIA director Bobby Gates, created Alqaeda…remember

  6. The war lords have been jacking around the US since the beginning. Sometimes they fight the Taliban. Sometimes they are the Taliban. There is no institutional memory in the US military regarding Afghanistan so it's an easy game to play. We got the hubris. We got the money. They run the game and the house always wins. And people die. And want revenge. We'll call it terrorism.

  7. All Iranians from the border of China to Syria should get together and become one . Only then the former glory will come to them and the great AHURA MAZDA and other Iranian Gods will help them to liberate the whole world as Nietzsche once said .

  8. 12:21 It probably wasn't a mistake as Afghan war & Iraq war are completely different & Iraq war obviously was a mistake. Afghan war was inevitable post 9/11 (although nation building afterwards was a stupid adventure to say the least) when Taliban refused to handover Osama to the US. Although Taliban which was in Afghanistan thanks to US wanting to give the Soviets their own Vietnam war did agree to handover Osama after a lot of pressure from the US as US was also their business partner but pakistan (either their army or isi) managed to convince Taliban to not handover Osama to the non believers. A defence analyst on a pakistani channel counted that among his 10 blunders pakistan made, that video may still be on youtube.

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