Hong Kong protests: A city's identity crisis – BBC News

Hong Kong protests: A city's identity crisis - BBC News

Hong Kong’s protests have become increasingly violent as they continue into their sixth month.

The fabric of the place is unravelling – attitudes are hardening between the demonstrators and the police, between mainlanders and Hongkongers and even down the middle of families.

The BBC’s Paul Adams explores what’s really at stake for this troubled city.

Video journalist: Rachael Thorn

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  1. Everyone against hong kong prostesters saying that what their doing is extreme while they live in america with democracy and freedom which was literally built because of a violent revolution against an oppressive government, hypocrisy at its finest.

  2. Write a letter to Xi, tell him "you are evil, your have corrupt officials, you have porous borders, leave HK alone, we have a Nuke in 5 of your major cities (including beijing), we have suppliers,we will detonate, you have 48 hours, " You have millions of protestors, you can afford it. Go check out Russia. rofl

  3. Did the BBC mention the rioters petrol bombing of the underground? The petrol bombing of vehicles on the road? The beating up of many many other citizens who have different opinions from them. If they are so righteous why are they silencing the others?

    Those supporting this violence and thinking HK is so dangerous. Please ask your countries to give these poor students political asylum. I am sure the rioters and other residents in HK would be most grateful to you. A win- win situation.

  4. Go home and stay home if you still have a home before the fire you set also destroy your only place you feel safe. You terrorists destroy my beautiful city. After you spent all your parent's monies, then where will you?

  5. It's not a HK crisis it a international problem. China Communist regimes is laughing at the world and the world and let's them . When China can influence democracy for money we have lost and they are laughing at us. I really hope that international community wakes up asap before all young generation face the same fate as HK. World news media need to address these issues to wake up all governments. We all know China is buying there ways into all countries and then we will all be fighting for freedoms again like HK. Human rights are being abused and China is put back into UN there something serious wrong about the world leaders to allow this to happen.

  6. Deepest respect and support to Hong Kong protesters from Russia. I do not consider terrorist organization People's Republic of China a legitimate state anymore, I revoke plans to ever visit it, and stop supporting it by not ever buying any of fake shit they produce after stealing from Japan and Korea. Freedom to Hong Kong!

  7. god loves you , jesus died for you sins, forgive your oppressors, love your oppressors, turn the other cheek, embrace communism, you must suffer for god's glory . god is coming on a cloud with trumpet blasts to take up his people, give god thanks for your suffering and be a servant to god , have faith in god for god will make all this for the good ! read your bible, the bible your first oppressors forced upon you …dont be a DENIER !!!

  8. If China sent their army into Hong Kong I think people would back down immediately right now they’re only watching America is actually supporting Hong Kong protesters to pick on China hopefully this violence stops

  9. Ok what the actual fuck?? im from hong kong and this is the first time ive actually heard that hong kong people dont consider themselves chinese (at least ethicallly)…. i mean even taiwanese consider themselves Chinese….

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