Iowa's Lessons For New Hampshire: How Buttigieg Won | Meet The Press | NBC News

Iowa's Lessons For New Hampshire: How Buttigieg Won | Meet The Press | NBC News

In Iowa, competition between Warren and Sanders drew votes from a consolidated progressive candidate, as Buttigieg gained non-viable delegates.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Iowa’s Lessons For New Hampshire: How Buttigieg Won | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. BUTTIGIEG DID NOT WIN. He got more delegates. BERNIE WON THE POPULAR VOTE. Bernie won by several thousand votes. Since when is a derivative delegate count more important than the popular vote?

  2. In truth, Bernie won. In spite of all the tricks and game playing. In Spite of the dishonesty of the DNC in collusion with the Corporate Media, BERNIE WON. In spite of Tom Perez and DNC fraudsters greatest effort BERNIE WON. In spite of MSM DNC and Oligarchs’ working and paying double time, the majority of Americans see through it, they Voted for Bernie and BERNIE WON. Get ready for even more conspicuous fraud in NH Everyone.

  3. Bernie won. Also, Mayor Pete would be like Reagan 84 in terms of how terrible he stacks up against Trump: by depressing the vote among POC and the youth, and also allowing Trump to be the anti-war candidate against Pete

  4. Rubbish analysis!!! Is this ideological? I've scrutanized the polls in detail, and if you ask Warren supporters who there second choice would be, fourty-something percent say they'd pick Bernie Sanders. If you ask the same question to Biden supporters, believe it or not, the highest proportion say Bernie. Admittedly this may have changed a little over the last few days but surely not by much. Anyway, your analysis for this reason is completely flawed.

  5. Bernie won. The DNC is trying to convince people otherwise. They don't understand people they would have been better off by simply telling the truth and saying he won. Nobody believes it took 3 days to count the votes.

  6. Buttigieg losing the popular vote by 6000 people and getting 0.01% more SDEs in results that are riddled with numerous errors as reported by AP, CNN, and even NBC is now what I'd call a "victory".

  7. what a joke. a socialist who wants to ruin america or butttboy who's never set foot in congress or has any real experience but a failed term as a mayor of a small town. biden the creep and warren "ms. multi heritiage" are pathetic. no chance against trump

  8. Don’t worry about any disarray of the Democrats — they will find their way and emerge with the most electable candidate. The conventional wisdom is that Americans will elect any qualified person for president — anybody but Trump.
    Better yet, Trump can’t do anything about it. Even with everybody from his base voting for him, he will still be short. His base does not constitute a majority — nor would it ever will. Why? Because he needs to be offending other people just to keep his base together.

  9. Joe Biden, Bernie Sender and Warren; all these old liberals, outdated and without stamina with heavy baggage on their shoulders have very little chance of winning against the cone artist with extremely rightist supporters in the coming election. Bernie had crushed Hillary's image raising many useless charges and arguments, reducing her chances to win the election but helped the Phony man to win it. Bernie, Biden and Warren are involved in character assassination right now and fighting like school kids on TV screens, they need not be in the field so long. Democrats and independent voters like me like young, experienced, and centrist Democratic nominee to defeat the Casino king. Pete Buttigieg has his/her own baggage much larger than others, Andrew Young is young but less experience, and others are not capable to stand still in Trump’s verbal abuse and character assassinations till the finish line. Democratic Party has responsiblity to think seriously before the time is running out. Yes, Dem need a strong viable, centrist candidate to defeat the thug or he will sure become our uncrowned King for another 4 years keeping us to cry so long. If they cannot find one, Mitt Romney should be the best for America.

  10. S***, may as well say pro women. That's better than the baggage of Clinton. Not that I want to help, LOL. 😉 The whole playing safe as if a natural bias does not exist is folly to. LOL, who said it was simple.?:)

  11. The only people who care about who wins in Iowa and New Hampshire are the political talking heads in the media and the candidates who try to make themselves appear as the "frontrunner." As if anyone else in the country cares what these 2 states think.

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