Sitcom legend Fran Drescher reveals how she helped identify her rapist

Sitcom legend Fran Drescher reveals how she helped identify her rapist

Actress Fran Drescher sits down with CNN’s Ana Cabrera to discuss the moment a man, who was out on parole, raped her. Drescher explains that she found closure once the man was caught and sent to prison. #CNN #News


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  1. Actually, she’s right. We’re “not interested in what’s going on in the life and times of Fran Drescher”. I can only assume however she had permission form her ex to talk about the fact that he had gone to therapy…..

  2. We'll look at this there is a women talking about getting raped and 97% of all the comments are sexualized or commenting her apperiance. Nice to see all the Dems true selfs. Absolutely disgusting.

  3. Hi, I saw a story about Virginia. Responding to this old story just now. So I'm going to post a link to the CNN report back over 15 years ago. I think there are many gems in this report and even a huge typo. And of course, it has not been updated. Our country is very young though and hundreds of years older. Then this change? Fornication is the word. One of the reasons why fornication in Virginia was declared. Unconstitutional to criminalize is because the harm that people do fornicating to each other would not be able to be litigated unless it was legal. Only if you were raped, could you sue? The person that had sex with you for the harm that you might suffer. I'm not kidding. I am placed in the link if you don't believe me. Read the story.

    This is why the state supreme court reviewed the law. So it is about expanding consent. To consent to sex you have to be fully informed.

  4. I used to Bump into her and her ex in Santa Monica farmers market Weds and Saturdays. I remember telling my roommate that dude is Definitely Gay. She didn't believe me. Turns out He definitely is.

  5. i believed her until she said "… i have photographic memory…"
    that is a movie trope. we have proven eidetic memory in small children but it lasts only for a few minutes. long term eidetic memory is unproven. there are individuals with extraordinary memory but they use mnemonics to do that.
    so sad because i liked her, now i just can't believe she is anything but delusional until she recounts that statement or proves it correct in scientific study (it would be easy to do so, take 20 complex images with small difference, show her one, wait few days, see if she can remember the exact image and repeat the experiment some dozen times to check. it would suffice as a basic test).
    damn, now i got pissed off because i really didn't consider her a delusional liar.
    if she has photographic memory she would be only one ever to do so. we have people with brain damage that have extraordinary recount of details (jill price, for example) but not photographic, it's not visual.
    why on earth would she need to lie like that? would it not be enough to say "i have a good memory" or "because i needed to learn scripts i developed natural mnemonic skills" or something like that? why go to the length of claiming something unproven and, most likely, impossible? something that could be easily be shown untrue and would make her superhuman if true.
    it is like claiming "i can bench press 10 thousand kilograms"…
    i am so angry with her and myself. how could i miss her delusion? how could she consider us such fools to go on mass media and claim such unique thing? it is really insulting…

  6. Let’s appreciate her beauty of character and just her as a person in general with what she’s gone through. I imagine those who know her best, although they realize how beautiful she is, also realize there are multiple aspects about her that supersede even that before we would even go to talking about her beauty.

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