🇸🇾 Syria war: Rebels make gains against Syrian army | Al Jazeera English

🇸🇾 Syria war: Rebels make gains against Syrian army | Al Jazeera English 1

In northwestern Syria, rebels have launched a counterattack against pro-government forces.
Fighting has been intensifying in Idlib and Hama provinces since last month despite a Turkish and Russian-brokered ceasefire.
At least 200 civilians have been killed.
Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports.

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  1. The provision of true news would enable the US to make a logical and rational decision concerning the Syria War.

    The White Helmet Men Are ‘Too Good’ At Crafty Works Video news often show that the White Helmet Men are simply 'too good' at producing crafty images and fake news. They can also sniff very well like dogs. They always know exactly where the little victimized children are after an airstrike that carry out by the Assad Government or its Russian ally, they pull them out usually with faked ‘blood’ and dust over their faces. Those invented graphics repetitively presented on various media channels in the past during the Syria war and other new fabricated images will be soon posted on the forthcoming incidents.

    I think many more similar fictitious graphics are still to come as long as these White Helmet men continue to receive finance support from the US to continue carry out what supposed to be of 'rescue missions'.

    The continuous productions of crafty images and fake news delivered by the White Helmets is too dangerous for mankind since it simply creates more hatreds, political and military conflicts and social upheavals around the world.

    May God be on the side of justice, morality and truthfulness.

    Just Advance

    There should not be any ceasefire as to do so only grants more time for the rebels and other terrorist groups to regroup and plan more attacks on the Syrian and Russian forces and prolong the war. The recent ceasefire should therefore be made as the last with no further ceasefires be granted or extended in the future. All the illegal forces and the rebels have to either surrender or leave Idlib and other illegally occupied areas voluntarily of by force. Syria and its allies should firmly hold on and implement their advanced strategies until all their liberation goals are realized.

    It is the right thing and of moral necessity for China to become involved militarily in Syria now so as to cut the prolonged sufferings of the Syrian people. This war has to be ended quickly now. The US force should not be there in Syria anymore and any longer. The illegitimate presence of the US force has so far only acted as hindrances and has indirectly provided shelters and protections to the rebels and illegitimate forces.

    The US should act more responsibly, humanely and morally by calling all the illegitimate forces to relinquish and get out from of all of the areas they illegally occupied in Syria in order that it too, would be able to join the Syrian people to celebrate the liberation and victory against the ISIS and its allies. This would be an effective and practical way to save lives of the Syrian people on the part of the US.

    Syria, in my observation, would at least wish that Russia and Turkey to maintain their current political relationships or even further develop. It is not of Syria’s interest to try to sabotage the current Russia-Turkey relationships as criticized by Turkey. I strongly believe Syria too, would even wish to have good political and economic relationships with Turkey too.

    Syria’s major concern is its national socioeconomic and political security, territorial integrity and sovereignty which are intermittently recognized and upheld by Ankara.

    Yet, in my impartial and prudent observation, Turkey has gone rather too far and for too long either inadvertently or deliberately turning its blinded eye on the rebels, Jihadists, and terrorist groups (by manipulating the Sochi Agreement 'Demilitarization Zones' with Russia), allowing them to continue occupying the Idlib province and other vicinity areas for rather too long and even ignoring their attacks on the surrounding Syrian Government controlled areas, causing human casualties and materials damages. They should all be out by now.

    Turkey, as of today, even 'inadvertently' join the US and its allies, by unconsciously using fabricated news openly condemning Syrian and impliedly accusing Russian forces claiming that their forces have deliberately targeted civilians, hospital and schools, etc. The world would not and will not heed to this type of false and unjustifiable accusations. (Collateral damages often occur during military operations).

    Thus, instead of calling for Russia and Syrian Government to stop the airstrikes and other attacks on rebels, terrorists and other illegally occupying forces, it is more appropriate and legally right for the US, Turkey, Britain, France and others to call for all the rebel groups and Jihadists, terrorists, etc to stop using civilians as human shields, relinquish and leave Idlib and all other areas that they have illegally occupied from Syria.

    That would be a very effective, ethical and meaningful way to save civilian lives in the affected areas and end the Syrian War by peaceful means. Beating around the bush by inventing fake news and imposing illogical or illegitimate demand is not a workable approach for bringing peace to Syria. Justice, Rightfulness, Honesty, and Morality to Prevail at God’s will.

  2. That is because the US and allies supply them with new equipment. And Oh surprise, the terrorists coming from the territories close to them!! I thonk that Russia must try to put an eye on them!!

  3. Meh kill a few hundred civilians by Russian and Syrian is ok. But when USA kill one OMG THE WORLD IS OVER!! WHAT A DISASTER!!!

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