Syrian government forces gain ground in Idlib province

Syrian government forces gain ground in Idlib province

Syrian government forces have continued their push into Idlib province, despite President Tayyip Recep Erdogan’s threats to push back against them. They have captured the key strategic town of Saraqib.
Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the fighting and are heading towards the Turkish border as aid groups warn of an impending humanitarian catastrophe.

Turkey says it cannot handle any more refugees as 3.5 million Syrians already live there.

Al Jazeera’s Sinem Koseglu reports from Hatay, Turkey near the Syria border.

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  1. You got what you wanted Turkey. You opened your arms to Putin thinking he wouldn't stab you in the back. Then you forced American forces out by threatening to attack US forces if they interfered in your invasion. Well, you got what you wanted and now it's your responsibility. Syrian and Russian forces won't test American military. But Turkey has turned it's back on Europe and America and now Turkey looks weak and friendless.

  2. War is bad thing, however, who will tolerate terrorist in it mix? Turkey claiming to be angel but is fighting pkk it consider enemy. So, is their any difference between turkey and syria in this struggle to raid of internal enemy?no. Ms Fake news peddler, what is your point?

  3. The syrian goverment has done nothing good for the syrian people except by labelling most of them as terrorists and make them suffers..before this yes other outside powers get involves and invaded the middle east but that not in case with syria

  4. they can flee via 3 corridor to other areas, controlled by Russian MP. Why they dont do it? Because all the woman and children are from Islamist families, like HTS which is an Islamic terror organization.

  5. Highest number of concentration of terrorists are in Idlib armed to teeth by Erdogan. Every time SAA start to hunt down these terrorists you see Turkey coming to protect them and attack syrian army in Idlib. SAA is doing a very good job to the rest of the civilised world.

  6. I praise and thank God. I say to all sides, to all those directing military: do not bomb anyone, do not set land mines, do not terrorize anyone, do not torture anyone, do not kidnap anyone. God Always Hears us and Sees us. God Is Alive and never dies. Do good deeds, believing in God correctly.

  7. Actually the CIA supports the FSA rebels, Free Syrian Army rebels. And Saudi also support FSA as well as 2 Republican Presidential Nominee's, McCain and Romney, both extreme Zionists

  8. Bashar Al Assad and Vladimir Putin are two top powerful leaders that the world has ever produced. Terrorists groups like ISIS Al Nusra Al Qaeda and terrorists rebels groups of Syria shivering from head to toe and cannot battle against the Russian forces and Syrian Regime Forces thanks to allied forces who has destroy these satanic terrorists without religions and criminals rebels thugs.where as leaders like Donald Trump Erdogan Netanyahu and MBS Saudi Arabia are failure who has got nothing in their head in battling terrorists groups like ISIS Al Nusra Al Qaeda and terrorists rebels groups like FSA SDF who has terrorised innocent civilians in Syria Iraq and middle east. The world should unite with leaders like Bashar Al Assad and Vladimir Putin in combating and uproot terrorists groups in the world.

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