The French Resistance (World War II)

The French Resistance (World War II)

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Resistance soon took place in different ways after Charles de Gaulle encouraged the fight to continue after the impending German occupation. Groups such as the Maquis – were men and women who avoided Vichy France’s forced labor by hiding in the mountains. They used violent means and guerrilla warfare tactics, attacking the Milice and the German occupiers and sabotaging their communication lines and vehicles.

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  1. 2:24 "Convey an effective heavier firepower."

    What does that mean? Are they saying they were able to shoot longer because the guns overheated less due to the wet rags? I think they over-estimate the effectiveness of such a tactic.

  2. For comparison! Polish Underground State – Wikipedia Polish Home Army – Wikipedia Warsaw Uprising – Wikipedia
    Żegota – WikipediaŻegota By the way, if the French and the British had not betrayed Poland in 1939 by omitting the contractually agreed massive attack in the West. Then no resistance organizations would have been necessary in any European country. Because there would have been no German occupation in any country, because the Germans had already lost the war against Poland, Britain and France in 1939.

    Germany was not at all prepared for a two-front war. At the Nuremberg Trials, German military commander Alfred Jodl said that "if we did not collapse already in the year 1939 that was due only to the fact that during the Polish campaign, the approximately 110 French and British divisions in the West were held completely inactive against the 23 German divisions." German General Siegfried Westphal stated that if the French had attacked in full force in September 1939 the German army "could only have held out for one or two weeks." Franz Halder Chief of the German General Staff of the Army documents this fact in his war diary. "The Wehrmacht had been on the verge of a military logistical catastrophe in the Polish campaign. The happy ending after a few weeks saved her from having to stop the fight because of insufficient ammunition." The French and British would only have had to attack as agreed and the war would have ended quickly with a victory for Poland, France and the British!

    By the way, Britain and France signed a series of military agreements with Poland that contained very specific promises.Three tactical actions in the event of a German-Polish war:
    1. France immediately carries out an air campaign according to a pre-determined plan.
    2. As soon as part of the French troops are ready (on the third day or so), France will progressively launch offensive actions with limited targets.
    3. As soon as the main effort of Germany was directed against Poland, France (from the fifteenth day onward) would begin with the bulk of its troops an offensive action against Germany.
    The declaration of war 1939 against Germany served only for saving face. This was the continuation of British and French appeasement idiotic politics of the 30s. The inaction of the French and British was the message to Germany: Be satisfied with Poland. Do not attack us behind the Maginot Line. We do not attack you either! The British and French have contractually insured Poland to attack the Germans massively after a German attack on Poland. The British and the French did not intend to keep to the contractual commitment. They wanted to sacrifice Poland for peace with the Germans! The British and French have betrayed Poland! The attack had been promised in the contract. Instead of attacking, they did that Phoney War, in German "Sitzkrieg" called. The German name is the most appropriate Sitzkrieg! Means war while sitting! The damned British and French sat around instead of attacking. If British and French had attacked the Germans, the Soviets would not have attacked 1939 Poland. That's why the Soviets attacked later to see how the British and French react. The Germans would have lost the war because they were not prepared for a two-fronts war!


  3. The video on the subject: Home Army; Polish resistance movement 1,335 views! The video on the subject: This Knight Served in the Polish Resistance in WWII 1,106 views The video on the subject: SOLDIERS OF FREEDOM – Home Army – Armia Krajowa 10,769 views The video on the subject: The French Resistance (World War II) Over 1.5 million views!!!

  4. Can we at least give some thanks, to the French Commies, who were the real backbone of the resistance? If it wasn't for the French Commies, there would be no resistance….

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