Trump Told Mexico to Stop Migrants From Reaching the U.S. So Far, His Plan Is Working | The Dispatch

Trump Told Mexico to Stop Migrants From Reaching the U.S. So Far, His Plan Is Working | The Dispatch

Pressured by President Trump, Mexico beefed up security on its border with Guatemala. We were there as the first migrant caravan of 2020 tried to pass.

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  1. Hi, I'm the correspondent in this story. Thanks for watching. If you have a comment or question for me about this short documentary or about Mexico's crackdown on the migrant caravan at the Guatemala border last week, feel free to write it here. I'll do my best to answer. … Hola, soy Brent, el corresponsal en este video reportaje. Gracias por mirarlo y por prestar atención a lo que sucedió cuando los migrantes intentaron a cruzar la frontera entre Guatemala y México. Si tienes algún comentario o duda sobre el video y los eventos de la última semana, escríbelo acá y yo te responderé.
    Pronto puedes leer los subtítulos en español.

  2. Great job El Brent. McDonaldo. Trumps's move was brilliant and Mexico might do well to not let them through. I mean, one good 25 percent tariff could make the Mexican government collapse into open revolution. The arrogance these migrants have that they are entitled to come to the USA is amazing. God bless Trump.

  3. They needed the people as tax rut takes a toll. Meanwhile trump had no funds from immigrant dad, not even grandfather. Freaking liars…and his playboy results say he's not fit, for tv, office, or a first paid for date…wife whatever was reversal lie about mirror , un…

  4. I’m 48 and retired and set. All you under 35 this crap keeps your wages down. A 800 week job should be 1800 a week. Why when 150,000 cheap leaver come monthly to keep all wages down. It’s sick. E verify and cut all welfare and aid to illegals. If not young people will pay in taxes for all the bull crap they cost. Remember each illegal average 48k a year in taxes. You pay dummy,,!

  5. It's happening, my theory that US, Canada, Mexico, n from Japan n Australia to Britain plus South Africa will create a Economic Union like EU or to match China's over billion people silk road. It's happening man.. Why u say Japan, because they have no other way to compete against China besides having a business union. Why Britain because they can't compete against EU, without connections with North America. Why South Africa, because they don't get along with the rest of Africa, n also gives the business route to Middle East. Why the additional non – American nations, because they balance the ethnicity equation. If add Mexico population of 130 million, it will heavy tilt the US population towards Hispanics compared to whites, so you add 120 million whites from Britain, Canada n Australia. Adding Japan just empowers you economy with their technological know how. N South Africa population will add to the blacks in America n allows South Africa to integrate better with their whites population n allows the black Americans a empirical cord to their lost history to Africa. I'm telling this is a great fit, especially to compete with China's mega silk road.

  6. Russia, us of Russia and Mexico.
    Russia penetrates usr and the usr penetrates Mexico. Watching this makes Mexicans look like real hypocrites. I'm Mexican and I'm ashamed of what Mexico is doing. They know the suffer why not help them like Mexicans seek to cross to the us of Russia

  7. Mexico shouldn't need to be pressured to stop people from using the country as a stomping ground. Common sense indicates this needs to stop as it's getting out of hand.

  8. Central american flags american flags but not one single mexican flag for respect towards mexico and then they expect Mexico to welcome them with open arms all central American people are the same right now they need help from the Mexicans but ones they cross over to america they forget about the mexican help they received and just start going American washed theirs actually central American people who think they deserve to be here in american more than mexicans this people really think they are americans lol

  9. Mexico is trying to save their country. I won't be satisfied until the real border wall is put up and every illegal alien is deported. For these traitor activist(most of them foreigners and anti-Americans) I hope President Trump have them arrested. Why don't you so-called activist help your country. You don't think homelessness is a crisis(or is that only a crisis for left-wing liberals during elections.) What about American children? Shouldn't their education be a priority, though cps is full of a bunch of socialist that don't have Americans best interest at heart? The many laws illegals commit gets decriminalized by demoRats. Yet an American can get more time selling loose cigarettes than an illegal alien, who not only crosses the border illegally(use violence if they don't get their way.) Is working illegally, more than likely stole someones identity or using fake documents. Yet they're sending, untaxed money back to a country they fled. Purchasing goods and paying taxes on them doesn't count. We need to take care and clean up home and so do these illiterate, unskilled, ungrateful, entitled illegal aliens. Deport, wanting a better life isn't an obligation that has to be granted by the US gov. Now that we're getting rid of alot of obama's corrupt, anti-American holdover. President Trump can enforce the laws on the books and plug up these loopholes, that these advocates(whom I bet lock their doors) try to take advantage of.

  10. America needs to volunteer to help Mexico deport these people from Mexico so that we can minimize the people trying to file FAKE asylum into America. YES I SAID FAKE! The Fake Asylum Seekers!.!!!

  11. As a Hispanic male I agree with trumps policies. There is plenty of people doing it the right way. My family came from Mexico and did it the right way. My family was extremely poor but still did it. They chose to do it right than live a life with fear.

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