Whistleblower hearing: Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire live testimony

Whistleblower hearing: Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire live testimony

Joseph Maguire, the acting director of national intelligence, is testifying before the house intelligence committee to discuss the whistleblower complaint, which was first provided to lawmakers Wednesday afternoon.

Follow live updates: https://www.cbsnews.com/live-news/director-national-intelligence-hearing-live-stream-joseph-maguire-testimony-today-2019-09-26/

The House Intelligence Committee has released an unclassified version of the whistleblower complaint ahead of testimony by the director of national intelligence.

Read the full whistleblower complaint: https://www.cbsnews.com/whistleblower/

The nation’s top intelligence official is expected to face fierce interrogation from concerned lawmakers over his decision to withhold a whistleblower’s complaint about a phone call between President Trump and Ukraine’s leader that has prompted congressional Democrats to open a formal impeachment inquiry.

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  1. So, in thinking about the fact that conversations the President has with foreign leaders tend to be leaked out, I fully think he ought to have someone participate in a few fake calls saying some mildly outrageous things, but nothing that could be used against him legally, and only allow certain people to listen in, in a rotation, and narrow down who is leaking.
    Getting the leaks under control should be a priority.

    What happens if he speaks with someone and sensitive information is leaked out that causes some serious problems either for us or for the other country?

  2. this broadcast SUCKS. after suffering through it for a while I googled around and found the c-span version which is also available free online. In that version the camera shows the representatives asking the questions so you can tell who asks what. it's much better.

  3. I feel pretty bad for this guy. "I have to work with what I've got." Bless his heart. He was in a tight spot, and I don't think the pressure that he's under, here, is quite fair.

  4. why are we so divided people? Please we are all Americans!! we should be together in life no matter what or whatever the politics are!! We are the ones that are born in the "New World" and we are the ones that can live our live freely in live! Don't forget that! I hope we can get back to appreciate everyone in our US of A, and our freedom!

  5. Democrats are caught in the scandal as their corruption ties w Ukraine are being revealed… first Hunter Biden… next Pelosi’s son… and the media is complicit with the cover up of Dem corruption!!!

  6. Schiff is disgusting… I can hardly stand to hear his voice… all of his points are so partisan, just as the whistleblower who is a register Democrat in intelligence who is a leaker …

  7. It’s impossible for the chairman to sound more insincere. They clearly fabricated this whistleblower story and prepped him with the contents of the call. This is clearly conspiracy to overthrow an elected president and should be investigated by someone who actually cares about the US constitution. If not then civil war is coming soon to you county because both sides of the government seem to be lying continuously and it’s unfair on the American people who seem to be quite genuine and honest as a nation.

  8. Did you notice his body language during Rep Devin Nunes opening statement? Watch how he responds at key points Nunes is making. The yawning and head turns and the smirks. He is obviously not a Trump supporter. I think we all knew what we were going to get from this unbiased public servant.

  9. Well.. it certainly SEEMS like somebody wants to start a fight…. Why don't we just get it done? I'll take the Lesbians, you guys handle the Queers (their words not mine, mind you) Come on.. who among us is going to miss them… really?… You REALLY want your 7 year old son or daughter in a public bathroom with Adam Schiff or Gavin Newsom? You want your grandson to be an altar boy in Nancy Pelosi's Catholic Church?? . The press has labelled this cultural breakdown a war.. "The Culture Wars".. and in wars, people get hurt… they die in some numbers.. So here we stand… the longer we wait the bolder they become… Let's get to it.. one at a time… quietly… no fuss… all from distance… Let's get 'er done, men..

  10. That is what make most sense, is to verify archive requirements of chain of command and custody via subject matter. White House would be the First verification unless concern otherwise. DOJ, dual copy also seems correct course of action as they are Proficient in venting the lawful acts. Congress as duty to update of Executive IT standing was mandatory and Critical Function as priority (assuming within). [ I recall no foreign matter stated or implied in that Executive Order as assuming applies to [Pentagon].I think it is more of and error on Congress part to not define IT as the same as intel but rather Tech Infrastructure/coding was reversed. 😉 Program Compliance is the assumed, objective of stability and longevity. {Clearly, the Executive Orders are not reaching there destinations or being ignored. That falls on Congress alone as they are the Able bodies.} Pentagon take home is…? 😐 Watch California burning example? | {ERROR} as FBI and CIA are technically speaking 3rd party, required to fully disclosure agencies. Hence, ousting of Brennan, no? | Where is your justified doubt of his Orders? "My question." |
    Creditable/emanate/direct=urgent, as it may apply. >>Great point in time frame as work hours as process time. All assumed as direct government agency/coming and goings but lack factual reality audit/of real life conditions and those variables/spread. < all was trashed in paperwork reduction act, before update:( no?<< Yet, IRS is the only real, time keeper. :(:(:( 3 of 6 heard and now house panel updated. Too; the Senate Foreign committee> …Yes, if Congress so still thinks it yields Power over Executive Branch than set it 2/2, by Term (Within/Without) [System breaks] 🙂 Set as you wish {SBC}. Never heard of FDOJ. copy <(FEC)>. but assumed ways and means, to, as pending.

  11. Joseph McGuire, the Director of National Intelligence needs to have an attorney present to step in and say, "Asked and Answered", to Schiff, who asks the same question in every which way and who makes a long statement, purporting multiple facts and expects an answer. Pretty hard to answer questions like that

  12. OK, stop right there Schiff. The President did not sacrifice the Constitution or his oath of office or our National Security as you slanderously imply. You can go on all you want but this is the bottom line – It's your opinion. Trump did NOT ask for anything in return for trying to confirm facts on information that was already out about Biden. First, the president has a lawful right to investigate foreign corruption, especially when it involves any American, and particularly when it involves a high ranking politician. Secondly, if he is to help a country fight corruption by giving them tax dollars he has the right to agree on how those tax dollars are spent and this is how it's done in the past. If he were to initiate an investigation and ignore any corruption when it involves a US politician, THAT would be corruption. If the president can NOT ask for help investigating someone running for office, without violating the law, then any crook could simply jump in the race for office to avoid prosecution or being investigated.

    Underlying Schiff's entire case is an ASSUMPTION that the president is trying to get dirt for political reasons. This is why McGuire has a hard time answering when that assumption is stated as fact, at the core of the question. There is no proof that Trump did this for political gain. He is trying to fight corruption and this entire Schiff show is what stinks of corruption.

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