Baldwin: These words came from Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh

Baldwin: These words came from Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin reacts to President Donald Trump’s decision to award Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio host, with the Medal of Freedom– the highest honor a civilian can receive.

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  1. I am sad to say that Rush doesn't really have cancer. He is battling a diet gone wrong. He claims cancer to garner pity and support from his moronic supporters. His plan worked as his biggest moronic supporter gave him a medal. Don't be fooled, no cancer here, he simply lost some weight. Did you see him shaking and acting / looking like he is sick. Remember what he said about MJF.

  2. Absolutely disgusting… I had the 'pleasure' <vomit> of listening to this man on Southern radio station while in the Army for 4 years. It's on every damn political radio talk station in the south on the air during the highest listener hours from late morning to early afternoon hitting the lunchtime hours.

    I specifically remember listening to this man say on his show that all drug users should be deported from the country… Several years later we find out his doctor shopping and 30,000 pain killers. He is pure hypocricy at it's finest.

  3. No, I don't wish him well. He's a walking cancer and God is curing the Earth of it by taking him off planet. I'm sick of these creeps and can't wait for any of them to get lost, however God chooses to clean house.

  4. People should remember you have to pay your karma. He is paying with lung cancer and God only knows the questions he will be asked when he crosses over. "Mr. Limbaugh you had the chance to uplift oppressed people and help the poor in your daily work, just how many poor and oppressed people did you help"? We all must remember there will come a day when karma will help us out of the world and our maker waiting on the other side.

  5. POS is a traitor spun by the oligarchs, president and their GOP apostate Evangelical mockers of God's righteousness and justice satanic alliance Evangelical bases, (YouTube plot to overthrow FDR) with the full faith of the apostate base, eat sh… A hole

  6. The drug abusing doctor shopper to feed his drug habit Limbaugh . Refused to listen to the truth and lost his hearing. He made fun of people with terrible disabilities and diseases. Now cancer is eating him alive. Karma always has the last word.

  7. I'm Irish myself but to America and her people attack each each other like this is just wrong, I have driven American people who come here on holidays and I can honestly say I never met a bad person not one of them . They like myself loved to chat about everything and of we enjoyed the craic, something that I loved about them was they would go out of their way to find out the smallest bit of information about their family who had gone to America from Ireland. They could tell stories about these people handed down from great grandparents and so on ,I could have listened to them till the end of time great people all of these people what their politics or religion they believe in their country as I do in mine not all of them were from Irish backgrounds any way what is happening in America now is wrong every one is entitled to an opinion but to make it personal because some one has a different political party that's wrong there's a simple answer to the problem in America released all the truth about trump from his taxes to Muller report and impeachment let the American public see the truth about everything I know this if I were in trump shoes I would have the truth out there especially if I thought I was innocent and he keeps saying he is the president of America truth matters to us all doesn't matter if you're Irish or American. Anyway hopefully I will get over to America one day for a holiday problem is I am old git who was raised on western movies but also want to see twin towers were we lost great people from a bunch of ass whole assassins I apologise for my language any way God bless America and Ireland Ireland aswell good luck to ye

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