Is 100% Renewable Possible By 2050? – Interconnectors

Is 100% Renewable Possible By 2050? - Interconnectors

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  1. Blockchain technologies and market decentralization is going to play a big part in this evolution, going to prosumer markets where people/organizations/companies can exchange energy production and consumption, even locally thus reducing load on nationwide networks.

  2. This european electicity market is the reason why electricity prices has doubled since 15 years.
    It's privatise profits and nationalize costs/maintenance.

    Another thing is that for example France which is independant in electricty thanks to nuclear, gasfree, has seen its price rises of 12% in a few days because gas market has skyrocket.

    Futhermore if there is less wind and/or sun in Europe, everyone will have shortage and you'll have to use charcoal, gas or nuclear anyway.

    Seriously I think Europe governement is retarded.

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not gonna happen. I'm from Austria. We've been trying to complete our 270kV "circle" in our gird for my whole life (I am 40) because a couple families are blocking the efforts in 2 regions for 40 years now. At first they had health concerns, then they had visual concerns, then they had environmental concerns and now they say it's only needed because the Norwegians want to sell electricity to Italy via our lines. They have blocked a NATIONAL grid completion for 40 YEARS.

    So even if Austria should decide to help build this EU grid (which I highly doubt our politicians actually want to) this will never happen until 2050.

    In fact currently about a dozen water power plant plans are being torpedoed by "environmentalists" in Austria. Meanwhile any new wind turbine creates a people's movement against this "abomination which visually impairs our landscape". And so on.

    In the last 16 years the share of renewable energies in the EU has increased by 1% per year. We are at around 20% now. You do the math, if it's realistic to be at 100% in 2050. We would need to increase this growth to 2,76 times. Meanwhile Germany has a law that basically abolished building new wind turbines on land and they do not want to get out of coal until 2030 earliest.

    In fact even most people who are for building renewables are against building a big grid. Because they think the point of renewables is 100% decentralization. They do not care about physics of electricity production, etc. And new wind turbines can certainly not be built next to their village, etc.

    Humanity has failed. It's time to accept it. You'll live happier, I promise.

  4. Nuclear is the only serious option. Renewables are shiny, side-show distractions for wealthy homes and a handful of businesses–never a serious, base-load option for a city grid. Let's be honest. More importantly, let's act.

  5. Oker Energy develops industrial to grid scale energy carriers that manage, refine and renew production for all energy sources. The energy carrier ensures full utilization of production potential in real time, converts it to potential energy and then delivers it back on request.

    Without this energy bank, production will shrink into waste or accumulate in to a bottleneck where we are unable to exploit the potential. The result is excessively high emissions with a corresponding price picture due to needs of new production instead of supply from harvested surplus energy.

    Now this is not worst for Norway, which is covered by 97%plus clean hydropower. But for the rest of the globe that depends on fossil and nuclear sources to meet needs around the clock it will open up completely new opportunities in green conversion, and the export of electrofuels (Hydrogen, Ammonia etc).

    The green economy is rising and we belive that subsea pumped hydro storage can play a keyrole to secure energy resources and cost.

    Our goal is to install capasity equivalent to 10 percent of global daily energy needs by 2050.

  6. the problem is when Germany and Sweden in their failed "climate policies" close down their nuclear plants for no good reason, and forced to activate coal plants because of the spike in energy prices. you can't have a transition to renewables directly from fossiles, nuclear is essential in the process. every country has different ideas on what good climate policy is. there has to be coordination on a bigger level. combine ideology with realism

  7. this actually makes a lot of sense given that european countries are relatively small, fairly densely populated and they all have different energy sources. the interconnects will be of tremendous importance and value to the stability of the european power grid and the move toward renewables.

  8. Sorry to say it… but that is a bullshit! Each of the country should have significantly excessive amount of power then it own need to be able to cover the neighbouring countries needs. If that works in some regard now with the conventional sources which you can control and control the energy output with the renewable is not possible you still have to install excessive power! It is still THE GREEN SCAM OF EUROPE and not an solution!
    The only solution for renewable is storage, but we still don't have sufficient tech for that!

  9. Dream on. The sun doesn't shine at night so you are relying upon wind. Billions has already been wasted on renewable energy already. And no battery can store enough power to cover for nightfall. Interconnectors are extremely expensive. The wider the grid the transmission costs become crippling.

  10. Fossil fuel use will continue and increase until fossil fuels are gone. And, renewable energy sources require fossil fuel for manufacturing maintenance and replacement. Modern civilization has an unavoidable time limit.

  11. Climate change is very debatable topic. Until we fully understand scientifically How climate change works There are factors here on the Earth that can dictate climate change whether it be methane or volcanoes A shift in the Earth's axis or even a shift in the moon UN we need to fully understand what fully understand what those factors are before we start blaming humanity and carbon. Because carbon has been around bound for thousands of years rather it be wildfires Or the industrial revolution which admitted more pollution than we currently produce over the course of the last 50 years.

  12. Lol, given the current war between Russia/Ukraine demonstrating european impotence and Germany flat out refusing to end natural gas imports from Russia, this video is sooooo outdated.

  13. Even without the Russian problem the Paris accord was going to drive up the cost of energy
    April 1st it went up by appx £1000 ,April 1st 2023 it all goes up again .
    And now with the Russian problem if the EU gas tap gets turned off there will be power cuts
    in the UK because they 3 under sea pipe & cable links with EU via France and UK imports a lot of energy from the EU ,hence the smart meters where the Domestic supply can cut off remotely via its wireless post code based system the energy then goes on to government buildings & industry ,of course they told you that when they were offering them to the public
    when they said you could save money with them ,and you did save money until your contracts ran out then the new rates came in .
    I dont have them but the rise prior to last April was 100% on the gas along with higher standing charges & that is with Octopus energy ,then April 1st came with a £1000 on the energy bill & come April 1st 2023
    Another big price hike is coming .
    Fixed tariffs will disapear or become to expensive , UK government scrapped the feed in tariff prior to the Paris Accord they knew what was coming.

    BAsically the Paris Accord is a fraud it has very little to do with saving the planet but everything to do with the worlds resources for the big corporates who are having to pay a lot more for their resources ,The Chinese own control 90% of the worlds rare Earth materials ,then they won a lot more of the Earths resources , Russian own massive reserves of everything the UK/EU need to carry on producing but due to their self imposed sanctions
    Their economies are on a sharp downward spiral with energy & supply problems ,the Paris Accord is to put a brake on consumerizum & as prices of all goods & services spriral upwards thats what is happening and we are in for another recession /Market crash !

  14. It's possible in multiple weeks. Get rid of the top 100 companies, stop producing pointless shit and focus all of our time and resources on solving the current climate issues. Capitalist scum are the biggest hurdle.