CrossTalk Bullhorns: On Hong Kong

CrossTalk Bullhorns: On Hong Kong

Trump on Hong Kong: protecting democracy or more meddling in the internal affairs of China? Also, can NATO’s European members reimagine the alliance? And more terror on the streets of London.

CrossTalking with Robert Bridge, Dmitry Babich, and Marcus Papadopoulos.


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  1. Usually the most insightful on this panel is Dmitry Babich, but today I would have to give the prize to Marcus Papadopoulos when he said, 14:02 "Forget Trump, forget Boris Johnson, forget Macron; the real people in power in America, in Britain, in France, are the ones you don't see."
    If the people could only understand and accept that reality, it would give a whole new meaning to "Democracy".

  2. Hong Kong has the number one free economy in the world America has the 14th free economy in the world and yet we are going to protect their freedom or people crazy we can't even protect our own freedom we live in a totalitarian police state where the government controls everything are private land or businesses we can't do nothing without the government's permission how we going to help those people

  3. okay so the people have some primitive weapons out there to protect themselves they are bad? but the government shows up with weapons and gas . and does all kinds of horrible things to the people and they show up armed and ready to hurt people but the government is good ????? U people f**** crazy???? ,.let's ,let the government beat on your ass in a while

  4. How can you call anybody a criminal with a straight face? when 99% of poor people are not given a jury trial.are you out of your mind? no due process of law ,so you can call someone who is given no due process of law a criminal? this is what's wrong with our country's we have millions of people locked up and it has destroyed families. and these remnants of these destroyed families are now starting to jolt society. people like you created these people by destroying families ,by allowing the police state to come in and imprison people without due process of law. and for stupid ass crimes!!!

  5. (Papadopoulos brought up . . .) Children are commodities in colonial "civilizations" Confusing them on gender identity makes money, even if it is incredibly disrespectful to any human being personally and in general, civilly as in . . . civilization being civil. It is also a successful distraction from using bombs to wipe out the homes of families throughout the world and creating unsustainable environments in order to create orphans and injured and then punish them for looking for safety and a decent chance to work and raise their families in what they mistakenly perceive as a civilized country.

  6. " so called repression " from China , may not be a rose that smells as sweet by any other name . Robocop , social credit system ,  full spectrum dominant panopticon technocracy  , is simpy ignored by ideologues who can ony see Evil USA Evil Britain and Capitalism opposed to a bright future under Progressive Communism .

  7. if hegemony being pushed by whom ever it is and at what ever time in history was so great perfect and bliss , it wouldn't have to be rammed with bombs and deceit take overs and infiltration wars destruction down the opposing populations throat it seeks to bring itself …no!!!, if it were not all those things….. people /society's countries in general would gravitate toward it like moths to a light…that's because democracy is not what it claims to is the illusion of it

  8. Hong Kong as a financial center has been overtaken by Shanghai leaving the younger generation on the short end of the income equality divide. Are those well educated young fools looking to GB & USA to turn back the clock?

  9. Ukraine drank the Kool Aid offered by the US & EU and where are they now? Ukraine has signed a 10 year LNG contract with Russia in which they're turning over control to a Russian company.

  10. I want to see all these useless corrupt puppets of the Deep State like Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, La Garde, Von der Leyen etc. gone! They are useless liars and bought clowns of the establishment who follow a hidden agenda in the guise of democracy. We know your dirty, evil and corrupt game! You are a bunch of rotten actors who are selling our rights to the highest bidder. You can all go to hell!
    And you will!

  11. Hello, I´m a big fan of Cross Talk and Peter and I´m realy not glad to say this discussion was quit boring to me. I´d invite some representative of HK protesters on one side and another representative of Chna´s statements regardng the situation in HK (China´s ambasador in Moscow?, maybe…) This episode was more about NATO, Ukraine and plain chating about Russian enemies… I learnd nothing about the siuaion in HK. But I´m very glad I can wtch "other side of the table" that media in my country hide.

  12. Peter Lavelle should have had historian Mark Curtis on this panel – Dima pointed out that Brit (NATO) supports the terrorists abroad -Lavelles analysis or understanding of London is like that of a person who only reads the lamestream

  13. what happened in London U.K and u.s mass shooting is freedom and Democracy, The moronese in Hong King want that kind of freedom to get acid splash in their face or stab in a chest.. While in Xinjiang chinese government is preventing violent and crime, the Americun call it human right issue.

  14. It will not stop there Macau, taiwan and china others. Thats what they get if they do not follow the US. France and other allies are just riding US but if they dont follow ull see PROTEST hk style

  15. I'm neither a fan of nato nor western foreign policies but if Hong Kong is supposed to be a an internal affair of China then South Ossetia & its separatism too should probably be an internal affair of Georgia.

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