First Take discusses the good, the bad and the ugly of Antonio Brown’s career | First Take

First Take discusses the good, the bad and the ugly of Antonio Brown’s career | First Take

Max Kellerman and Emmanuel Acho react to Antonio Brown recently apologizing to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the NFL and the Hollywood Police Department. They also weigh in on whether AB will be remembered for the good or the bad in his career.
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  1. No one is EVER going to argue on what Antonio Brown brings to the table if he gets Picked up by a Team and his Statistics back him up, But with His current Unpredictable behavior, Social Media Outburst and Negative energy he can cause in a locker room with the other players ( Example: The Steelers) I don't think he is Trustworthy to anyone at the moment by any GM or Head Coach because he is a player that is going to Represent your Organization/ Team.

  2. HonestLy, I give Antonio Brown the Benefit of the dought. I am for him, Not against him. I know AB Can Truly Succeed, do Not count him Our. With the Rite PeopLe around him to HeLp to keep his MentaL Focus Decesion Making Controlled, aLong with Patience he will be Un-Stopable doing what he does Best, aLing for the Love, Hard Work Ethics & Ambition for the Game. He still works Hard Practicing, keeping in Top Shape & Motivates the Youth, as Seen RecentLty !!!…. One of the Best Tough Smart WR deserves The Chance to Continue Breaking WR Records, Proving his Hard Work on the FieLd even More Success !!!…. No More Negativity, Time to Give him a Chance to Move Forward. You Critics are the Best at Putting TaLent down, Time to turn it Around & be a Pro Critic, be Strate Positive to AB, he is One of the Best WR & You know thiS, AB brings Excitement & AmaZing Unbelievable Catches for the Game Highlights, Do what u so Best AB & Prove'eM aLL Rong !?!…. OhH Yeah AB go back to SteeLer Nation wit Big Ben, We Need yoU in the SteeLe City !!!

  3. honestly if you remember him for the bad your the one who needs to be re considerate because i remember mike vick as change changer QB who elevated his team and i feel the same way about AB. Same thing goes with jeff hardy with pro wrestling.

  4. Humans have up / down – we all do

    I really enjoy your show's – first take and many others – tyvm

    First – to be clear as "a fan" (no AFFILIATION here with media or sports – truly unbiased !

    I share an opinion (as a fan only from 30 thousand view outside perception about Antonio) – I think Antonio B. is not sick at all (popular topic) – Yes he got a bad hit from a linebacker -Vontez Burrfect…….. (we all agree) . was bad.

    CTE is bad i'm sure (i'm not a brain surgeon but from what i'm told this is not Insta-idiot syndrome) – Antonio was more a fool – i believe on how he felt at the time – not CTE — ( he prob agree) in terms of tossing water jugs or w/e… and also after – – CTE comes later in football career in most professional athlete cases – you don't get hit ( I have CTE) and toss Gatorade jugs and yell at ppl on your team – I don't think it works like that ?? your thoughts?

    You toss Gatorade jugs because you are pissed off at SOMETHING – that is nothing the public is aware off ( As to why) in most cases but can be interpreted – but maybe not correctly.

    IMO – ( Hate me for saying this) Antonio has had some bad things happen in 12 mon time in his life (personal / professionally) – He has accepted or defended his situation – it does not matter! – we all – as humans have things happen in some regard … he is no different !

    This is not a blanket statement – (As – i only semi understand some of the allegations) – I can only tell you – what i know of this guy – I seen the guy at Steelers stadium (for the first time – living in PGH) – Witnessed – helping youth be better – taking photos with them enabling them and with adults athletes ( he was so nice) – giving them advice !! and all sorts of motivation

    IMO (from outside view) – He has had some roller coaster things go on in his life (some out if his control like the rest of us humans) – his emotion's peaking = circumstances (and media popularity – as he says (in his interview) – "everyone coming at me "- I would imagine that is quite accurate and creates a lot of anxiety – which media keep magnifying.

    Also, I seen the interviews and am aware of the allegations at high level ( i understand some are more serious than others )

    I don't know Antonio brown at all

    it does not matter if I like him or hate him.

    I just know:

    he is a lightning rod atm (good or bad)..

    and i think he is getting more negative polarity vs positive…

    That really is not fair to any of us humans…

    I seen him do great things with kids in Pittsburgh with other Steelers, and the character judgments upset me!


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