Residents Confront Australian Prime Minister Over Wildfires

Residents Confront Australian Prime Minister Over Wildfires

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is getting heckled by citizens. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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“The Australian state of New South Wales has declared a state of emergency and could begin forced evacuations from fire-stricken areas, as emergency crews battle deadly blazes and brace for a dangerous weekend ahead.

State Premier Gladys Berejiklian said Thursday that the emergency declaration would come into effect Friday morning as weather conditions are expected to deteriorate significantly on Saturday, raising the fire danger even further.

This is the third time NSW has declared a state of emergency in as many months — the last two times, in November and December, were also for seven days, and granted extraordinary powers to the Rural Fire Service.

Berejiklian said residents could also be subject to forced evacuations, road closures and any other means necessary to keep people safe.
“We want to make sure we are taking every single precaution to be prepared for what could be a horrible day on Saturday,” she said.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Meanwhile, in Australia a bunch of greenies want to protest "climate change" near the fire areas and take away valuable resources like Police, etc. They should be used as actual fire breaks. Arseholes…

  2. Scott Morrison and the Conservative government (Liberal party in Australia) are definitely part of the problem. They won the last election based on fear and greed

  3. ANIMAL AGRICULTURE is the MAIN CAUSE of climate change. Main cause of greenhouse gasses, deforestation, habitat destruction, ocean dead zones, and species extinction!! The animal agriculture industry also owns our government!! IF YOU CARE ABOUT THIS ISSUE, YOU NEED TO GO VEGAN.

  4. Scottie from marketing is getting hammered here, he is a disgusting creature and should be removed from office and publicly horse whipped on national television before going to prison

  5. One more detail we know here – back in the late 80/early 90s, the govt passed a law stating livestock farmers could not let their beasts into national parks because they cause too much damage (minimal and keep the underbrush in check). This is one of the the main reasons politicians are under attack. Bushfires probably wouldn't be so devastating if the animals had cleared the underbrush.

  6. They were not neglected, there is plenty of funding.
    Fire response is the obligation of the state premier's not the prime minister.
    The PM had to get constitutional legal advise just deploy the defense to help.
    If we stop coal immediately the loss in revenue would close hospitals and schools.

  7. I can't believe people believe this is climate change nonsense it's a lie its a fuken lie Australians are burning the country not climate change the same thing that burned the Amazon is the same thing that is burning Australia people

  8. I wish I could like this video a million times over. And that short video of peoples attitude towards Scotty is widespread. It's disgusting how little the government cares.

  9. I am in Australia, this is a completely misleading video by TYT. MANY of the fires were started by mischevious kids, campers, bogans….this is not because of CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!

  10. Point out that the Liberal Party are conservative, as in Libertarian. They have been taken over by the evangelical right. Murdoch media owns 70% of Australian media assets. If you want to see why it is an issue, read Sky News facebook comments. Murdoch is telling people the PM is getting cheerful receptions.

  11. Dear world,

    Australia is being lead by a delusional conservative government. They do not speak for the Australian people at all, due to their willful ignorance to really do anything serious when it comes to the damaging effects of Climate Change. We've been stuck in this state since 2013 please don't think we hate ourselves, we don't, we just have poor leadership when it comes to real progress. Not to mention, those in power are driven by the profits of greed from mining companies and suck up to the propaganda press of the Murdoch Media. Neither, of which speak for the nation either.

    Yours truly

    A concerned citizen,

  12. Adani who are building a new coal mine in Qld Australia they just donated the the qld LNP(liberals national party are our conservative party)
    We need to get money out of politics and break the murdoch strangle hold on our media.

  13. please NOTE the leftist greens helped these fire by not allowing fire reduction burns in the cooler months . they also stopped public vehicles access to roads/tracks that are now over grown with bush and fallen trees stopping fire fighting access. We can not clear around our houses in some areas. Were I live on 100 plus acres of bush which is very heavily tree we can only clear trees for 10 meter from our house and undergrowth/brush 30 meters . The greens removed cattle from the high country which help remove the the build up of undergrowth . The green stopped us building new dams to hold water . Yes we still would have had fires like we do every single year but reason I listed of above made the fires are worse than normal because of the built up fuel. IT is a lie to say we have had nothing like this in Australia in 2009 over 170 people died , in 1983 over 4000 houses were destroyed ( one was mine) in 1939 over twice the amount of bush was burnt. Fire fighting is stated based and funded not federal Because the green parties which have way to much influence in NSW and VIC and sometimes they hold the balance of power we get these stupid policies locking up the bush. Well guess what when its burnt there is nothing left to lock up

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