Dressed in traditional Afghan clothing and white turban, Ashraf Ghani arrived at…

Dressed in traditional Afghan clothing and white turban, Ashraf Ghani arrived at... 3

Dressed in traditional Afghan clothing and white turban, Ashraf Ghani arrived at the presidential palace to be sworn in on Monday, surrounded by supporters, senior political figures, diplomats and foreign dignitaries including US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad.
Minutes earlier, in another corner of the sprawling presidential palace compound, a suit-clad Abdullah Abdullah inaugurated himself as president, vowing to “safeguard the independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity” of Afghanistan.
The bitter feud between President Ghani and his former chief executive Abdullah has raised fears for Afghanistan's fragile democracy as the US prepares to leave the country following an agreement last month with a strong and largely unified Taliban.

Dressed in traditional Afghan clothing and white turban, Ashraf Ghani arrived at... 7


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  1. Par jamhori tariqay sai Asraf ghani jeetha Hai woh dosra choar darwazay sai aana chahtha Hai par na mumkin hai

  2. ایک امید تھی کہ امن کا قیام بحال ہوجائےگا۔۔۔ مگر یہ جاہل اور نالائق سیاست دان افغان قوم کے مستقبل سے کھیلتے تھکتے نہیں۔۔۔

  3. یہ دونوں نادان صدر بننے کے چکر میں مریں گے۔جو انکو لاۓ تھے وہی انکو مروا دیں گے۔ الزام طالبان پر لگا کر ڈیل ختم کردیں گے۔

  4. Mujhe lagta ha k pakistani politicians or parliamentarian ko ashraf ghani ki halaf bardari ki taqreeb mein nhi jana chahye the.. Jo log Abdullah Abdullah ko support kerte hain wo kal yahi kahain ge k pakistan hamare androoni maamlaat mein dakhal andazi kr rha ha… Hamain afghanistan ko osk haal pe chorh dena chahye.. Wo chahain 2 president select karain ya 4, hamain beech mein taang nhi arhani chahye.. Mohsin dawar or ali wazir yun to pakistaani politicians ko kehte rehte hain k Afghanistan k siasti maamlaat mein dakhal andazi mat kro leken ab afghanistan mein ek fareeq ki himayat ker k wo khud afghanistan k daakhli maamlaat mein interference ker rhe hain.

  5. Hahahahaha and they want fight Taliban … C’mon they can’t stop fighting each other how they can fight others

  6. The ISI propaganda machine is not tht much effective anymore because there is nowadays social media. Its all misinformation there no crisis everything going normal there is only one president Muhammad Ashraf Ghanj he will rule the country for five years.

  7. Good to see kids fighting for their toffees… Pappa has left them in the middle of the turmoil. Grandpa is soon taking over

  8. Afgha Govet delay election result due to deal with taliban and to announced new Afghan president , but when Duha Taliban deal come to table talk and peace deal , afghan govt officially announced Ashraf ghani as Afghanistan re-elected president, but Abdullah abdullah claim , that fake vote cast during elections , so they recount the votes and again Ashraf ghani baba win by one third majority with total 57% of votes from country wide , Peace deal happen and Taliban stop striking and invading to US troops but start assults over afghan forces , That’s why abdullah support Pakistani Taliban influency in Afghanistan, but Ashraf ghani don’t, Abdullah merely created disturbance in afghanistan and want to disturb peace , …

  9. Now there is no need for talibans to do anything because they both will be enough to destroy American interests in Afghanistan.

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