China says more than half of coronavirus patients cured

China says more than half of coronavirus patients cured

The United States has raised travel warnings after recording its first coronavirus death in Washington state. Thailand and Australia have also reported their first fatalities.
In China, 573 new infections have been recorded but health authorities insist they are getting on top of the outbreak.
They say more than 50 percent of patients have been cured of coronavirus infection.
Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu reports from Beijing.

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  1. Fabricated by the CCP to cover up the reality. China caused this whole mess in the first place and needs to provide the true numbers. Umm but I guess socialist done do that.

  2. I don't think this can possibly be true. Chinese officials also said that many people who had it and then tested negative, went on to test positive again a few days later without ANY SYMPTOMS. So how do they know they aren't sending these people out to unwittingly infect others??

  3. Lies lies and more lies. If not why are they still censoring any citizen information that comes out of their estranged country, telling the world what they want to hear? Oh, their economy is at risk and planning to force people even sick ones to get back to work.

  4. My mother is a doctor in Beijing. In Wuhan, 20,000 free test per day. Honestly I've changed a lot since I used the Youtube as my video site, in the beginning I can't really understand why there so many malices of slander about China, but now I feel very happy when I see there lots of western people believe some fake news about China, cause they will never know that is exactly the secret how we can be so great and strong.

  5. Strange that all around the world, a single patient that is asymptotic can the virus to hundreds or thousands of people like in, Italy, Korea and the US, But im sure its different in China, there tens of thousands of infected people aren’t spreading it to others,

  6. LYING COMMUNIST BASTARDS. WHAT A STUPID LIE!!! COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA!!!  I said this a week ago, but, as usual, nobody listened!!! The truth is finally coming out! NO ONE HAS BEEN "CURED" – released patients who were in remission are testing positive again. They are still carrying the virus, still contagious, have NO IMMUNITY and can show symptoms again. With lots of time to spread through the body, the second manifestation is devastating, often causing heart failure. Now, "cured" patients are being put back in quarantine – sometimes – others are allowed to go out and infect people again. Canada and the USA have both released "cured" patients, thus endangering the public. Will the stupidity never end or do we all have to die first? This bodes ill for vacceine development: if the human body doesn't become immune naturally, they are unlikely to invent something that makes it happen.

  7. cured means cleansed completely medically

    survived means somehow able to develop stronger immune system to combat off the virus pathogen..

    China is literally not safe at all; not just due to communism, secrets, lies by the government, but also to any diseases that lurks & hidden behind those wall.. stay off from China

  8. World: Half of the cases recovered? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your hospitals?

    China: Yes!

    World: May I see it?

    China: No.

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