Is the European Union facing a new refugee crisis? | Inside Story

Is the European Union facing a new refugee crisis? | Inside Story

Turkey and the European Union are on a new collision course because of the millions of war refugees and migrants it’s looking after.
Tens of thousands, mostly Syrians exiled in Turkey, are heading towards the borders with Bulgaria and Greece.
That’s after Turkey eased border controls following the killing of 34 Turkish soldiers in an air strike in Idlib, Syria’s last rebel-held province.
Turkey’s President has long threatened to open what he calls the “floodgates of refugees” if European allies didn’t provide more support in Syria.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the EU of failing to keep its promises in a deal to send billions of dollars in return for sheltering Syrian refugees.
Do EU leaders have the political will to tackle the potential influx of refugees?

Presenter: Nick Clark

Gerald Knaus – Founding chairman of the European Stability Initiative think tank.
Marianna Karakoulaki – researcher on violence and borders at the University of Birmingham
Sanj Srikanthan – Chief executive of Shelterbox, an international disaster relief charity working in northern Syria

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  1. I suggest people in Government, like America and the E.U. look at Gravity Payments of Seattle Washington, USA. In 2015 the owner, Mr. Price was doing very well, but many of his employees were struggling. So he decided to cut his pay, sell stocks, and mortgage two of his properties, and RAISE the BASE pay in the company to $70,000 per year. 5 years later, the company is doing better, and the employees are making a better life for themselves, 10% buying homes, most are adding to their retirement accounts, and a LOT MORE BABIES were being created. Yes. Share the wealth with the Workers is NOT communism!
    Gravity Payments, Seattle Washington. Case study for an alternative view of how to prosper. Yes prosper, Not create a Elite Hyper Weathy 1% class.

  2. You can count on the Human Trafficers and Dirty Police to welcome the Exiles. I wonder how we got to be so ugly and hateful? Don't bury yourselves with a religious ceremony. Do you think you deserve it? Oh, it;s OK you can pay off the Priest well with the money you stole from the Syrian Women and their families.

  3. in 2000, i went to Bulgaria on a visa, and lived with a lady i had met on line. we were both looking for a better life. We married there, and she was eventually issued a visa for permanent residency in America. We lasted 17 years, we bulit a house, had two kids and are still close friends, though not married. And when we met, I was worth about $300 K and she was working for 220 Leva a month. At that time, it was 2.20 Leva to the Dollar. So $100 dollars a month salary from the Regional Government job in Bourgas. But she was educated and nearly fluent in English. The point is I didn't marry her for her money, or her family's little farmhouse in Nedyalso or their Bloc flat in Sliven. I thought I was going to Bulgaria for love.

    Now her career is thriving and she is well and likes her life here. My point was, I didn't take advantage of her. I didn't make her pay me back for the airfare or all the stuff I paid for on our trip to Bali that year. She even still has many of the things I inherited from my Mom's estate in her home. So I guess, you have to be Rich to be a Humanitarian? And poor countries, Greece, and Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary and really most of Eastern Europe can't afford the luxary of compassion. I get it.

    These people in Syria are political refugees. If they were to stay in Idlib, the Russians would bomb them to death. Does anyone dispute this? The women and children are not marrying some richer American surfer. They are trying to avoid death.

  4. NATO can change the balance of power in Syria. America can too. Very easy but expensive. Do you want to spend money on missiles and hardware or on food, blankets and tents?

  5. Think outsid the box. i know many conservative or ex-communist officials like the way things are, for them. The country is poor, except for them. They have their nice villa outside Sofia, and another in Rila, and a nice apartment in Bourgas or Varna. And they have their girlfriend and their Mercedes. So why change that?

  6. It comes down to the old saying beating swords into plow shares, Nali? Mozhebi tova ima vreme da misliya kak shte Bulgaria sled 20-30 godini? Skoro, vyv Bulgaria, samo malko, ctaro hora. Pravya nova Bulgaria.

  7. See Russia and Syria will not want to negotiate, simply because they are Dictatorships, elected Dictators. When there is such massive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of one leader, the country devolves into a clientelle state, and control begets corruption. So inovation is stiffled, and real wages are depressed. And the average citizen does not have a voice economically or politically. Elections are rigged and journlists are killed. You have at the heart of this conflict, the struggle between two opposite forms of government and civil society.

    So maybe the E.U. could massivly push to renewal energy and buy alot of LNG from America. Buy a lot less natural gas from Russia. If realpolitik is the game, then strangle your enemy economically. Sanctions and trade and other NON-military tools at their disposal too.

  8. This latest problem, just lends to the Euroskeptic argument. Perhaps the E.U. is flawed and broken and needs to be revised. Perhaps Brexit will not be a ONE and Done deal. Everyone talks about the North vs South Europe devide. Perhaps Italy, and Greece and the Balkans need to return to individual state status? Boy, Russia would just love that. Putin would tease the corrupt official there with funds just like he bought Yanukovich.

  9. Why do Muslim countries attack other Muslim countries and why do U.A.E, Turkey and Saudi Arabia constantly attack other Muslim countries with regime change and interventions?

  10. Some cynical comments say: Good, Britain is out of the EU!
    Yes, it has become clear that Britain is eager to support the USA in their warmongering in countries where they have no right to be and profit, just like they do. The military industry says thank you.
    But in both countries the government that makes these profits possible cowardly refuses to face the misery they have created and let others help those who were driven away: young men, supported by their families, so they can seek a better future.

  11. No refugees in eu!

    They only want free healthcare, free food, free housing! They doesnt want to work!

    That is why they want eu! They want rich countries! So they doesnt have to work but they will be pampered!

    No refugees in eu! No refugees in eu!

  12. I have no interest in going back to Europe as a tourist until they start kicking people out. I can go to vacation in the Middle East if I want to see Arabs. I can visit Africa if I want to see Africans. I am sick of seeing them in Europe.

  13. Create country for migrants in Turkish coast.Nice place for them. It was Gr/EU ground before the Turks occupied it, many Greek antiquities to admire there. So the refugees are allready in Europe. Stay there.

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