Keiser Report | The Battle For Hash Power | E1508

Keiser Report | The Battle For Hash Power | E1508

In this episode of Keiser Report from Las Vegas, Max and Stacy discuss the fact that Democratic frontrunner, Bernie Sanders, has chosen to ignore the role of the central bank and fiat money in creating the explosion in the wealth and income gap. They look at the data proving that the discontented voters are right and the academic economists are wrong . . . the cost in time of the average middle class lifestyle has, indeed, increased.

In the second half, Max interviews Alexander Liegl of Layer1 about the company’s plans for bitcoin mining in Texas and the importance of bringing hash power to America and away from China.

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  1. Max, please remain within the narrative of socialism for the rich. It's clear you know very little about actual socialism as a political system, so please do not expose yourself as an ignoramus.

  2. I don't believe in giving everybody a basic income. The need for survival is a great motivator. For people to educate themselves, take risks, overcome fears, and develop self discipline.

  3. Dear Stacy and Mr Kaiser, Thank you for your very interesting reports on the financial world. My comment is about the first tweet by Mr Cass. What is going on in the USA for what money has become? It has to be the most depressing news in the world for someone to have a job and see one's buying power get increasingly weaker. The only thing I can see is that the capitalist system has become an economic system that can no longer function correctly. It's not Bloomberg's fault to go from 3 to 60 billion in under 20 years; it's an economic system that is obsolete; it must be replaced

  4. Let’s make it simple and cut out the crap- restore the power to create money back to the public interest free and we’ll all be fine.
    Too much crap about money and economics just to confuse the people.

  5. The quality of the cars "might" improve, but they don't last any longer than cars used to, so higher prices do constitute inflation, I don't care what fools say. If computers get more expensive, that is inflation, not an increase in computing power, because the increase in power is taken care of by Moore's Law.
    The reason they are certain our discontent is due to "mind control" is because they have been using mind control (consumer ads, etc.) to get people to accept consumerism as a way of life. You always know what they are doing by looking at what they blame others for.
    The U.S. has "emancipated itself" from manufacturing?  He means the U.S. has freed itself from high paying jobs for U.S. citizens in favor of slave wages for foreign citizens.  This asshat knows nothing.

  6. If a man were walking a 10 miles journey through snowy uninhabited terrain, and you placed a small warm open shelter to rest 5 miles into the journeyers path, or one mile into the journeyers path, would you have changed the will of the journeyer, seeing the journeyer had stopped in to rest and warm up? Is the will changeable a fact in Nature? of, by and for Nature? Then what is the actual term "natural" when in reference to Nature? Is changing the will inevitable? Can you change will, and is it, or can it be, moral decent and useful?

    Is someone real good at changing the will of others? lol. Is a vast network of individuals taken the art of changing the will of others? lol. Who has been doing this for centuries? many. Has the British Empire taught their reins to many afloat, handed it over but under their wings?

    Lyndon LaRouche wrote in 2007:

    “The actual, strategic purpose and function of competent economic forecasting, is not to attempt to predict what will happen, but to cause it to happen.”

    We are causing, regardlessly causing, what happens, what will happen 😉 regardless of intent

  7. Democratic Socialism is not an "incomprehensible theory of money", it is a path towards less focus on money as being the definition of success and an end all and be all. We need to stop worshiping money and start to respect people and the earth.

  8. Bitcoin mining is a waste of electricity! Electricity should used to make goods and services which is real wealth not data bits in the clouds! Renewable Energy is can be elected to be turn electrons into work by machines and data into services.

  9. "Larry Summers writes perfect gibberish" and he also says they will dump garbage in underdeveloped nations then says oops I was just kidding. While they do it for decades… :0

  10. Stacy,I think you need to do a deep dive on the Federal Reserve. Capitalism doesn't have anything to do with the Federal Reserve, End the Fed.Capitalism is where the market makes the price,the Federal Reserve and the Government rig and distort the price to where there is no price discovery.What we have now isn't Free Market Capitalism.

  11. Bitcoin "Mining" ..?? Mined where in the mind..validated by a complicated computer mumbo jumbo..finally only existing in the mystical world? Is this just another Fiat Currency?

  12. The industrial designer Viktor Papeneck had a similar issue against car companies raising the prices for "better bumpers". He disproved this need buy drinking an entire 12pack of beer, getting drunk and strapping those empty cans in two rows with a piece of wood to the front of his car. He then proceeded to crash his car, drunk, into the front door of the head quarters of the car company. His bumper worked great.

  13. Fed Money printing is Making Stock Market go up —– your house prices are going up because of lower interest rates (yes) However the Commercial Private Banks that make loans to people also CREATE money everytime the make loan. This is turning PRIVATE SECTOR into debt slave —- Steve keen and Michael Hudson SAY THIS OVER AND OVER on your show, but you guys never fucking respond. PRIVATE DEBT IS THE PROBLEM. PRIVATE commercial Banks should not be allowed to LEND money they DONT HAVE.

  14. Also Asset Prices in Homes around NYC and Vancouver and other places — HMM??? Chinese MONEY was pumping this —- Chinese buying million dollar homes with CASH — talk to any realtor and they will tell you this —- Explain this? Capital Flight — NOPE. CCP prints Yuan changes into USD in Hong Kong and then sends its minions out to pump markets in Housing and Stock Market.

  15. Alex Leigl…another ivy league hero ushering in the second age of capitalism in the virtual age, so that he can fleece you ten times quicker than his predecessors. Take a good look at this ever-so-humble gentleman and admire his presence, as he charms you into slavery.

  16. Note to Alex Liegl : if you are building new structures for housing your machines, you could significantly reduce heating and cooling costs by building with rammed earth.

  17. Bitcoin, isnt what you think. How do passwords become irrelevant? When they've all been hashed and collected. And how do you talk everyone one else into hashing them for you? You hand out a prize.

  18. Sorry Max you used the word "solipsism" in a completely wrong way. Solipsism is the philosophical position that there is no reality except the self. I wonder if anyone else noticed this?

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