Pence and coronavirus task force hold press briefing

Pence and coronavirus task force hold press briefing

Vice President Mike Pence and members of the coronavirus task force gave a press briefing Monday where they emphasized that the risk to Americans remains “low.” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar did warn, however, “the degree of risk has the potential to change quickly.” Watch their remarks.


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  1. yeah, but it is pretty clear that this admin. has not been all hands on deck for weeks, whoever still thinks this potus is so fabulous will fall with him, I pray that his and their Karma is everything they deserve

  2. If you believe anything coming from the mouths of essentially uninformed politicians about covid19, you’ve just failed the IQ test. Only the medical community can speak to the issue in any coherent manner. Trump and Pence would merely be laughable were the consequences of doing things like linking covid19 to the performance of the stock market no so potentially catastrophic.

  3. I'm really sick and tired of the mis- and dis-information on the part of Donald Trump; the CDC and the WHO.
    This will not just go away in the summer, like Mr. Trump say's, "Just like magic".
    Downplaying & Bullshitting the American people, that this is 'just like the flu; the flu kills more people", is wrong and they know it.
    The flu accounts for a mean percentage attrition rate of all victims of .1%.
    What the Pathologists have renamed "SARS 2 COIVD 19", from "novel coronavirus 2019", has an actual attrition rate of 2-3%; with 20% of all afflicted also needing ICU hospitalization.
    Once the hospitals are overwhelmed with victims (like in China), the attrition rate (according to China) climbs to well over 6%, due to unavailable services as a result of the numbers seeking help.
    There are currently around 330 million people in this country, with only 880,000 hospital beds available.
    Epidemiologists are saying that the probability at this point is that 60-70% of all people in this country will be afflicted with SARS 2 COIVD 19.
    If you folk's can't figure out what this means for our country, all I can say is you better get used to the idea of Medical Martial Law Quarantines; like what is happening in China right now.

  4. So, Dr. Bob Redfield, CDC, states that: "The risk of coronavirus is extremely low for the American people…" Well, Dr. Redfield, if that in fact is true; then please explain this:
    "FEMA officials are preparing for an “infectious disease emergency declaration” by the president that would allow the agency to provide disaster relief funding to state and
    local governments, as well as federal assistance to support
    the coronavirus response"

  5. Pence: "A good time to wash your hands"…I'm sorry Mr. Pence, I don't know what kind of geriatric drugs you're on, but 'washing your hand's' WILL NOT save you from exposure to a virus with an R0 'aerosol' transmission factor of between R0 4.2-6.7, depending on your personal societal exposure levels…Politicians, by the way, have a very high incidence rate of societal exposure; good luck on that one Mr. Pence!

  6. VP Pence, after much thought, many prayers, advice from Trump's spiritual advisor, and ignoring all the scientific evidence, has decided that a pomander containing orange peel, cloves, and ground nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and orris root, is the best protection against the Coronavirus miasma.

  7. CDC & NIH are infested from the bottom up with 'career' bureaucrats of the democrat persuasion. i.e. Clinton & Obama sycophants who stated (a month ago) that "asymptomatic people are not infectious". Typical ineptitude of a neo-liberal bureaucracy.
    The bloated HHS has been filled with democrat incompetence for 20+ years.

  8. Coronavirus outbreak = Trump to Pence: I'm not going to stand in a small room while breathing in germs. You do it. I'm staying in my office. If you need me, tweet at me.

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