Trump meets with coronavirus task force and pharma execs as death toll increases in U.S.

Trump meets with coronavirus task force and pharma execs as death toll increases in U.S.

President Trump met with his coronavirus task force and executives from pharmaceutical companies at the White House to discuss the administration’s response to the outbreak and the process of developing a vaccine. Watch his remarks here.


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  1. So many words… How do these men actually picture the phenomenom "Corona virus"? But I am happy that the president (in focus) focus on how much he has already done, and that all is under control (sarc).

  2. Look how nice his wig looks today! Also, the make up on his face is so nice! Can we put him in a bikini and walk him down a run way? President pretty. Does he shave his legs?

  3. Introductions, praising each other and long speeches but no information on what they have implemented at hospitals, schools and public places, What a waste of air time.

  4. I've followed Inovio for years and never made big dollars because the company has to resort to dilutive financing; now perhaps with WH help the stock will keep its value – as it should. Now things are different.

  5. In my opinion the Coronavirus is going do do a true destruction of the stock market unlike Trump's deliberate attempts through tariffs wars to manipulate the ups and downs to benefit his rich buddies and conglomerates. Unfortunately we are unprepared for this virus when we should have already been prepared and unfortunately this virus is claiming lives. The only possible upside to this is that this virus will break up the monopoly that have made us all conform to slavery and programmed to believe that's ok but the smaller companies and poor individuals may have some opportunities as banks and commercial property owners will be begging for business at lowered interest and cost for everyone. Of course then Trump will look for a way to take credit for it all but maybe we should give him credit because he did nothing to stop the spread of Coronavirus when we had time to properly prepare as we watched what it was doing to China….
    Ken Ramnath
    Celine Int'l
    Wall Street, NYC

  6. I guess he's trying to strike a good financial deal with the best pharmaceutical conglomerate. Yes Trump, make money in the crisis because you really don't care about the American People nor immigrants nor anyone in this world.

  7. If this virus turns out not as bad as we hope. Are you all concerned that it will help Trump?? This is sick you are all evil in your thoughts. This is a serious situation. We all need to pray for our leaders. Trump included.

  8. at least you should be happy that president Trump does believe that this is real. Just cause he does not understand all the details about the virus does not mean he is an idiot. He is a proven leader and I pray that he comes out a hero and shuts up you anti Americans

  9. Trump is in the age group that is most at Risk here. So don't be fooled he cares and he is worried. Just as most thinking people are. Thank God children seem to be ok just as our younger population look I am in the high risk age group. I am very hopeful that the vaccine will come and come quickly. And wait Trump will figure out how to get all at risk population vaccines given first then all others if necessary

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