About 17pc of the men who filled out the survey feel that female members should …

About 17pc of the men who filled out the survey feel that female members should ... 3

About 17pc of the men who filled out the survey feel that female members should not be allowed to work. So roughly one out of five men who were educated enough to visit Dawn’s website and enlightened enough to show an interest in a women-oriented survey felt that their wives/sisters/daughters should not be allowed to earn.

Be it the women who are forced to leave their house for their own and family’s survival, or be it those who have to stay at home because it is the will of the men of their family, the females of the country need to be recognised as the potent economic contributors that they can be. And be treated as such.

Read more here: https://www.dawn.com/news/1539376/


About 17pc of the men who filled out the survey feel that female members should ... 6


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  1. Dear Dawn Female staff and authors of this news item: It is the same in Pakistan as it is inside your Media group you cannot openly and fairly report or follow up the ‘enlightening news’ of Your MALE CEO allegedly involved in the rape of another male Celebrity .The joke is that the victim is screaming his head off for help on social media but due to fear of CEO sahb nobody including Government and media is touching the case.

  2. Its not women fault,its govt’s and health sector fault.what they did to bring mothers to work force?…untill she is single she can manage it easily but with kids and a house to look after there is need to develop a flexible working system alongn with very good nurseries for their kids.because every one is not blessed to have full family help.
    And secondly yes doctor bahoo phenomenon can be changed imposing fines for those who do not work. Then ppl will think twice bfr forcing some one from stop working. It so so unfortunate that there are more seats of girls in medical colleges as compare to boys but due to non availability of supporting/flexible job system plus inlaws/husbands,country is loosing huge work force despite providing the education.

  3. And this is also a sign of Patriarchy??
    Millions of males don’t job around the world, because they don’t have degrees which are obtained by the females who don’t wanna work.
    One of the main reasons of unemployment and under-employment is our education system that filter candidates and thus the degrees are awarded to non-working population.

  4. What about remaining 83% men who feel women should work ??
    Reason being, in general women dont want to work in our society and they r happy with “gher per Raaj” wali life where team of maids assist them.

  5. if they don’t work after graduation then they why do medical colleges have quota system for female students.

  6. Waste of time, wastage of money, wastage of resources and more importantly we are lacking service of our 50% health graduates!

  7. thats unfair.i think the govt should bound them to sign a bond before the admission that if tjey opt to stay at home they will have to pay certain amount of money.
    coz otherwise someone has got da admission n willingly serving da nation

  8. Look at the bright side. 4 out of 5 men think female members should earn.

    There will always be divergent views so stop making a fuss about it.

  9. The survey says 50% but then even if 25% don’t work then imagine how many opportunities for male bread winners of families have been compromised.

    But no, I become an anti-feminist if I ask that question.

  10. you guys need to do similar surveys
    even thought it’ll be a small sample
    it’ll still bring out the amazing mentality of our people and maybe help with social change

  11. For women, becoming doctor is family obsession as well as guarantee for a good rishta. Not all obviously but vast majority think like this.

  12. 50pc of doctor quota must be reduced for women, or must take oath from every single doctor men or women before giving them admission for doctorate, that they will serve pakistan for minimum 10 years after their graduation

  13. Those who do not work must be asked to return governments money spent on their subsidised education along with removing the subsidy in future

  14. before joining medical field the government should take undertaking from candidates to serve their field for atleast 15 years like army employees otherwise don’t let them study in government funded institutes because we have few medical universities in country and many deserving candidates can’t get admission due to tough competition.

  15. and society is responsible for it? parents are responsible as well as the girl not the society, i wonder about the parents who let their daughters study and then dont have the balls to let her practice it and marry her into a family. let her practice if she wants.

  16. Lets have survey:
    %age of Ladies interested in doing job in the current scenario(providing they are financially stable,dont have to go through devastating family,inlaws and socialpressure)
    You will get right figures then-
    (It will not be more than 25-35% then—believe me )

  17. Let me put it this way, 4 out of 5 men think women should be allowed to work!!!!

    This media has really played us fool enough by manipulating headlines and presenting fabricated news, time to slap them back!
    If you can do good at least shut up and don’t create negativity around you.

  18. Willingness is one aspect that is important, but emphasis needs to be placed on removing the barriers to their mobility and access to jobs and education.

  19. Dawn is turning down so cheap. Now People read it for vocabulary only 🙂
    So 1/5 men shown opinion against your expectations and how about 4/5 of men? Matlab Aorat Ke liey kuch Bhi?

  20. Women and men both should work. But the work culture should be flexible enough not becoming a barrier for either of them in the way of contributing towards economic progress. Be it medicine or any other field.

  21. Since the state heavily subsidises a medical education at government institutions, all medical students (men and women) studying at these colleges/universities should be made to sign bonds where they will agree that they’ll work for at least 5 years in the public sector hospitals after graduating. Getting a medical education in a public sector university/college is not a right it’s a privilege.

  22. Not an exact percentage, more than 50% are doing practice .. may be 20-25% not working in the field of medicine.

  23. University education should be made expensive as in USA and The UK. Many deserving candidates in USA and UK don’t go to higher studies because they can’t afford it.

  24. These surveys ignore so many facts. Where are the suitable working opportunities? Is the unemployment deliberate or forced?

  25. Yes because we had our family system intact and more reliable than state. People can’t trust country’s legal system to protect my oppressed female, neither can it provide working environment for them. So leave this discussion and concentrate on the improvement of country. When the system becomes reliable and trustworthy then the women’s will automatically becomes its integral part.

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