Australia bushfires: 'It's like fireballs exploding in the air' – BBC News

Australia bushfires: 'It's like fireballs exploding in the air' - BBC News

Australia’s bushfires are still raging out of control, sweeping into towns and prompting thousands to flee from their homes.

At least five people have died this fire season, and authorities are bracing for possible further tragedies.

Carol Sparks, the mayor of Glen Innes in New South Wales, tells the BBC the horrific scenes she witnessed as fires consumed her town.

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  1. When we reject the Lord Jesus in order to promote our reckless and unclean lifestyle, please note that it offends your Creator and it then carries consequences. Wake up Australia and stop offending the Lord and Repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ with all your hearts. God demands true repentance.

  2. she said "cars blow up before the fire even gets near … it's unprecedented" — Common sense would then tell them a much hotter, more dangerous weapon – like Airborne Laser weapons are starting these fires — the the Air Force has are causing these fires — USAF ABL Airborne Lasers has them manufactured 20 of them – the NWO is using them on us to precipitate global warming followed by coastline flooding around the globe .. ABL "YAL-1a" a modified Boeing 747-400F with.

  3. The fires are NOT caused by carbon dioxide levels. There is no kinetic (thermal) energy in radiation such as from carbon dioxide in the cold atmosphere which climatologists claim causes heat into the already-warner surface. The kinetic energy in the source is converted to electromagnetic energy in the radiation. Then the electromagnetic energy may be partially converted back to kinetic energy in a target if and only if the temperature of the target is cooler than the effective temperature of the source after attenuation due to distance and possible absorption such as by Earth's atmosphere. The mean flux of solar radiation reaching Earth's surface (after reflection) is about 168W/m^2 and that cannot support a global mean surface temperature above 233K which is -40°C.

    This was all covered in my peer-reviewed paper “Radiated Energy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics” that was a review of the work of Prof Claes Johnson. Argue with him if you think you understand the mathematical physics better than this professor of applied mathematics.

  4. Hahahaha land stealer crying about their homes on stolen land I feel know pity for appropriators …I know the pure aboriginals are laid back smoking like we told yall live harmonious and clear the bush or its gonna come for you lol…I feel bad for the wildlife cuz they don't deserve that and were already working with less resources

  5. Scandal wasting millions of litres of water during Australia's worst drought | 60 Minutes 

    Australia Federal Govt as well some State Govt are DELIBERATELY WASTING WATER (almost 2 FULL Sydney Harbours worth of water EVER YEAR from the Murray River while farmers in the UPPER MURRAY URGENTLY need that WASTED water to supply Australians with FOOD.
    OR even help the fire ravaged Areas of Australia.


  6. How long will the land lie parched and the grass in every field be withered? Because those who live in it are wicked, the animals and birds have perished. Moreover, the people are saying, “He will not see what happens to us.”

    Jeremiah 12:4

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