NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 23rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 23rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

GOP lawmakers storm secure room, delaying impeachment inquiry testimony, strong winds could lead to more wildfires in California, and Penn State fraternity suspended after teen’s mysterious off-campus death.

1:37 Republicans Storm Secure Closed-Door Impeachment Hearing
2:49 Trump Lashes Out After Top Diplomat’s Explosive Testimony
3:11 Top Diplomat Directly Ties Trump To Ukraine Quid Pro Quo
4:21 Bombshell Testimony Puts Trump’s Gop Support To The Test
4:50 Trump Lifts Sanction After Turkey Vows Permanent Cease-Fire
5:47 Trump: ‘Let Someone Else Fight Over This Long Bloodstained Sand’
7:12 Extreme Fire Danger: Red Flag Warnings & New Power Shutdowns
8:43 Penn State Fraternity Suspended After Teen’s Mystery Death
10:16 FDA Calls For Stronger Warnings On Breast Implant Dangers
12:08 American Parents Battling For Right To Paid Family Leave
13:24 Tech Mogul Leads Fight For Paid Family Leave To Capitol Hill
14:52 American Parents Battling For Right To Paid Family Leave
15:43 New Surveillance Shows Police Fatally Shoot Fleeing Teen
17:17 Tree Crashes Through Roof Of Maryland Family’s Home
17:39 Apple Watch Automatically Calls 911 After Hikers Fall

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 23rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I think EVERYONE should get 1 year of paid leave, broken up however they see fit, for WHATEVER THEY WANT. New parents can use it to stay home with their kids, and everyone else can use it for whatever lifestyle choices THEY make. Why should new parents get paid to stay home for a choice they made when no one else does?

  2. You should know how much you matter to the American companies. Your so valuable to them. hit 56 your fired, get sick too long your fired, work under 32 hours no insurance. You don't matter your meat. you fill a slot.

  3. All I can say is one thing. God made me one way. Or my Creator made me one way. Anybody that wants to change, your appearance or enhance a part of their body. You have no that's a risk that's not normal. You don't add silicone or anything that is foreign to your body without a price to pay

  4. You ppl should learn from HK. HK riotoer got shot while charging riot police with metal bar, HKers took the street and it was a international news, fron Japan/Korean to Europe to America, every channel was playing that clip again and again, NYT make a special investigation video about it, etc, etc. But this kid running away from office? I think no one will remember after tomorrow.

  5. The United states need to worry more about china than russia..They have alot more..(dub L talk ..never eard a word …closely they are all monitored…Trump Trumps the world!!!!!

  6. I know it seems too obvious to mention, but there are as many Republicans as Democrats who have the right to be present at those SCIF hearings. Including several of those who marched.

  7. The sand can't be too blood stained. Considering trump's sorry ars has American lives protecting oil fields. Protecting the rich Saudis. Heaven forbid they fight their own battles. trump and his republican terrorist army must pay for their greed and actions. trains planes and automobiles.

  8. A wall is less important than paid leave for our children. We are now a third world country thanks to Trump's peeling back all our protections, allowing foreign countries in to drill, letting an American steel company go out of business while allowing a Russian oligarch to start a steel mill in Kentucky. MOSCOW MITCH, go back to your homeland, mother Russia.

  9. October is Breast Awareness Month. And I'm all for saving the breasts. These implants are totally unnecessary ladies. I have never seen a breast I didn't like. Well, except for that one time the old man across the street took his shirt off while mowing his lawn.

  10. Trump is beginning to be a joke with his foreign affairs, including pulling out of Syria. Since his move, the news has first reported our troops are going to Iraq. Now those staying behind are going to protect the Syrian oil fields. He didn't do anything, he back pedaled again. He doesn't have the b*lls to follow through and antagonize his GOP Congress. But remember our news media pedaled the story of Hussein committing atrocities and having weapons of mass destruction. Hussein was convicted and found guilty of 125 murders.

  11. Tv brainwashed everyone, god put you in this world and you were taught racism by you’re tel lie vision….this world is run by Satan, G2G power of god yt channel. Go look him up and seek truth…Jesus is coming

  12. SEE! I been saying for a while now, that something needs to be done about bully cops! A new type of law needs to be made to help citizens to defend them self from these types of cops and put them in jail for more then 10 years or more for their crimes! From what I been seeing on my facebook, there are lots of cops having a very bad temper over nothing and is hurting and killing people at a drop of a hat! These cops needs very much to be taking off our streets no matter what! They are acting like gangs in a school and this must STOP! You law makers better do something soon before one of those bully cops hurt or kills your love one! Then you will know how we feel! For those who don't believe me, go to your facebook and search bad cops and bully cops!

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