Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab in a press conference called on the …

Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab in a press conference called on the ... 3

Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab in a press conference called on the ... 6

Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab in a press conference called on the federal government to do more to tackle the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Wahab said: "I wish the prime minister would do more for coronavirus. He should be taking the lead to tackle coronavirus in the country.

"Sindh govt is trying to deal with [coronavirus] in a very proactive manner. It is the responsibility of the federal government to monitor airports and other such places … our health minister was forced to go the airport herself."



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  1. If italy iran america china cant stop it how come a poorly managed country can control it. Stop blame game and pray that it does not turn viral in Pakistan

  2. This man is still playing blame game & hiding PPP incompetent government worst performance.
    Imagine a provincial govt blaming federal for every mistake they made.PPP is a total failure

  3. اس جیسے سمجھدار انسان سے اس چوتیاپے کی توقع نہیں تھی. بے کار ہو گیا.. یہ بھی.. یہ بھی مستقبل کا شر جیل میمن ہے. لکھ لو… سارے بے وقوف آخر پی پی پی میں ملتے ہیں…

  4. If countries like the United States and Canada could not do all that much, how can you expect to do so. Talk is cheap. Wake up

  5. Sindh government first time doing something great but blaming game should not happen here in this critical situation

  6. کراچی اہیر پورٹ فورا بند کر دیا جاے خدارا پاکستانی عوام کو بچاہیں ان پر رحم کریں

  7. Our neighbour’s china was ground zero for virus plus iran and Afghanistan had detected Corona cases we should had been prepared for this it was inevitable but gov is only interested in nawaz sharifs health because that is a major concern day after day press conferences highlight this in media shows what are their priorities they do not give a flying F about people of this country

  8. U gotta give to Sindh goverment they have done a great job so far in tracing the suspected travellers and thier concerns are valid

  9. still no case who are thise govt officials who picked up people from taftan quarantine area by telling authorities that some of them are relative of dare you are violating rule of law and doing discrimination with people.Shame on PTI govt still rotten leaders rotten govt and rotten system.

  10. Atleast appreciate sindh govt for what they have been doing to avoid coronovirus spread. Dont know about federal govt, but being a citizen and a taxpayer request and expect formation of joint working groups of federal and provincial govts in each province

  11. Sindh Government has been doing wonderful work and has been tracking everyone who has been to Iran and Syria,therefore they have been able detect 14 cases,I wonder how come cases are missed in rest of provinces.

  12. Sindh government is doing a wonderful job but expecting anything from the federal government is absurdity, they are busy providing safety to Masood Azhar.

  13. This is a cry for help. Almost all the cases in Pakistan have contracted this virus abroad and yet our authorities are so incompetent that they haven’t been able to identify and quarantine those individuals. Only God knows how many more they have affected along the way. This is a slap on our health authorities.

  14. The whole sindh govt is playing blame game and looks like they are planning to do nothing but siting and complaining. Be it murad shah or this chap. No one cares about the common man.

  15. Federal government is incompetent everyone knows this is a serious issue provincial governments Also need take action on enter point’s . Sindh government is doing wonderful job by tracking people but it’s not Much effective .

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