Why the Green New Deal matters

Why the Green New Deal matters

The climate crisis is the biggest global threat that humanity faces. But despite action being demanded for years, many governments have continued to sustain an economy that’s bad for the environment. The green new deal proposes a different way forward and has been mentioned by the Labour party, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders in the US, and school strikers around the world. But what does it mean? Maya Goodfellow explores what the green new deal is and how would it work.

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Further reading:

Original Green New Deal report ► https://greennewdealgroup.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/a-green-new-deal.pdf

War on Want ► https://waronwant.org/resources/report-post-extractive-transition

Ann Pettifor ► https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/sep/17/green-new-deal-climate-disaster

The UK Green New Deal ► https://common-wealth.co.uk/Green-new-deal.html


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  1. Agenda 21, the plebs rammed into high rise cities, with public transport, while the likes of AOC drive past in a limo, on their way to their Eco mansion, far outside the city limits. thats what the Green New deal is.

  2. The Lib Dems and the greens, policy on air travel is you will pay more in tax if you are a frequent flyer. Translated, If you are wealthy then it's ok to pollute more as you can afford it.

  3. I can't comprehend the amount of people who are angry the next generation want a better life, homes, food, and preserving what's remaining of our biomass…
    You want to have a sustainable future? Oh the horror you soykid…. O.o

  4. the "economic crisis"????

    do any of these self-loathing losers look outside? >50% of the worlds abject poverty has been eliminated since 1980. and, newsflash, THAT WAS LARGELY DUE TO CARBON BASED FUELS!

    so, no. there is no crisis, environmental or economic. you can stop punching yourself in the face now.

  5. Milankovitch Theory, proven by core samples. Climate change is caused by the cycles of the Sun and tilt of the earth. Don't buy into the lies of a green New Deal. Think for yourself. Question everything.
    Or go along with the climate change fear cult and see the hell Agenda 2030 will bring.

  6. We have killed the world, now it is high time to make Mother Earth healthy again, otherwise it will be too late in a few years. Politicians wake up and finally do something for our planet. If the permafrost is affected it is too late. Tik tak tik tak.

  7. The ultimate prize to the eco-activists and their big government benefactors is the control of carbon, which would touch every aspect of our daily lives. Consequently, greenhouse gases and global climate change are of paramount importance to the eco-activist agenda. While much has been written about global climate change over many years, the basic aspects of the issue haven’t changed; we are asked to forget things we once knew and ignore the simplest hypothesis that the earth’s climate is ever changing.

  8. Do these people think the 100 million people in America and huge I industries such as ExxonMobil, Delta Airlines, Cummins Diesel Engines etc will allow this kind of take over of their lives? This is BS!!!!

  9. This is the worst thing every talk about I am a meteorologist the climate has been changing since the beginning of time and let’s talk about the hidden garbage in this deal like taking 50% of the military budget and supporting all people unwilling to work yes it says that on the last page of the deal trying to fix is the environment is a total cover up you guys should be disappointed in yourselves

  10. As a conservative I can’t understand how people on the right are so against finding new and effective ways to be more energy efficient and pollute the world less. Like seriously what is so bad about having cleaner air to breathe like tf

  11. 1:31 I do not see any particular problem with income inewuality. I see the problem in poverty. They are not the same. Income inequality exists because of qualification of the labor. Folks who are not highly qualified professionals do not have any rights to earn as much as highly qualified professionals earn. That is not injustice. It is a common sense

  12. How nice to know I will pay more taxes for absolutely nothing. People who want this should go work their miracle in countries that don't have much energy. 2 more years and I will have the Russian passport and get away from the lunatics that are shooting their economy in the head.

  13. For the price, effort and time of this lunacy we could simply invent/develop green base load power that's cheap enough to sell to the developing world. The solution is tech not the Great Leap Forward 2.0.

  14. 93 trillion dollars!
    600,000 dollars per household
    The net worth of the 8 Richest men in the US make up less than 1% of the funds necessery.

    Purely unrealistic.

  15. And yes, let's adopt this New Green Bunch of BS and watch people die by the tens of thousands in 3rd world countries. And let's watch the rich get richer by implementing Al Gore and David Bloods Carbon Credit Scheme. and Last, why did the IPCC lie about their so-called " Hockey Stick Chart" that eliminates the last 30 years, which shows the CO2 levels coming down.

  16. I hate saying this, but renewables can only power so much, but I think that nuclear energy will be a massive help too, for example a small bit of uranium can go a long way, Paris France uses nuclear energy

  17. If you want to live off the grid and green …go ahead and do so because no one is stopping you. The Amish already are. They are living more green than anyone. Go move to Amish country and learn how they do it. Get yourself a horse a nd buggy and go for it. Amish dont wine and cry they just do it. Start a green deal commune and club and anyone who wants to live completely green can. But dont cry into your cell phone as your getting your Starbuck coffee and complain about plastic bags and straws. Just do it

  18. I read the AOC Green New Deal for myself last night. I have never read anything more terrifying in my life. This is a government coup in the guise of environmentalism and really has very little to do with the environment. This plan will do nothing to save the environment but it will cause a civil war at least in the USA. The climate is not going to kill you but the Green New Deal will.

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