6-Year-Old Cries For Help As Police Zip-Tie Her

6-Year-Old Cries For Help As Police Zip-Tie Her
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It’s mandatory that we have comprehensive police reform. John Iadarola, Emma Vigeland, and Jayar Jackson, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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“Kaia Rolle’s wrists were much too small for handcuffs, so when an officer held a white zip tie in his hands, the 6-year-old girl was curious at the sight.

“What are those for?” Kaia asked the pair of Orlando officers.

“They’re for you,” school resource officer Dennis Turner said, as another officer slipped them over the first-grader’s wrists. “No, don’t put handcuffs on!” Kaia sobbed, pleading with a charter school official feet away. “Help me, help me, please!”

Hosts: John Iadarola, Emma Vigeland, Jayar Jackson

Cast: John Iadarola, Emma Vigeland, Jayar Jackson


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  1. I guess Orlando citizens can feel much safer now.
    A dangerous criminal has been finally neutralized.
    I mean man, just listen to the guy's intonation. He enjoys so much commanding the kid.

  2. Ok I have a problem that the police officer did this, but in order for to have been a charge, there had to been a complainant. My question was who in the school called the police and where was the principal? This whole thing probably could have been dialed down if the school administration had been involved. For example where I live they will take a minor into custody, but release the child to the parent on site or at the station. I don’t think the entire story is being told.

  3. This little girl just got introduced to her 1st….
    Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome experience!!!

    This is a prime example of how it "STILL" is traumatizing to be Black in America….
    Even in 2020!!!!


  5. As a retired LEO, I can say with absolute certainty if this guy worked in my pct and did that, I'd be waiting for him at his locker, and I know that I would not be the only one there! What a POS he is and anybody that thinks to lock up a 6-year-old is the correct thing to do and then brag about it. He needs his "come to Jesus moment"!

  6. This is ridiculous! I work in a school. Little kids have tantrums all the time. No need to call the cops. Why would you call the police? The school admin should have handled this. Shame on the teachers and school adminIstration for mishandling this!

  7. FFS. How can you handcuff a child crying like that. You have to be one heartless mother to do that. I dont care how much of a temper tantrum she had, it didn't warrant that.
    The school too should be ashamed of themselves. Calling the police because a child got a bit angry.

  8. WTF! I can't believe this! I was in tears watching this. This cop should be fired! This is absolutely hard to watch. One of the worse part was the school principal not coming into the situation saying "let me walk with you Kiya, let me talk to you kiya, let's call your parents kiya".. this is too sad to watch, every adult around this little girl has failed her.

  9. Back in the '80s, I was a T.A. (teacher assistant) and one child kicked the teacher. I grabbed him and took him to the principal's office. After a day or two, this student started to become one of the best students in our class. Students need to know that you care about them as human beings. OK, maybe it is not the job of the cop to do educate but that does not allow them to abuse the child. I just grabbed the student and walked him to the principal's office but that is letting the child know you care about him, not to incarcerate such a young person. The parents should have been contacted first and foremost before the police.

  10. I know he is married and that no one cares,
    But I am a little bit in love with John Iadorola.

    He’s such a good guy.

    Fun fact – he used to be my least favorite host and I didn’t like him at first. He’s really grown during his time on TYT

  11. So two pieces of information concerning the incident above. First: Officer Turner was fired for violating SOP concerning arrest of minors. The policy states that a supervisor must be contacting authorizing a arrest of a minor younger than 12 years. Secondly there was a situation n Jacksonville Florida where the school involuntarily committed a 10 year old. The law they used was called the Baker Act. Just fyi

  12. As a child I was taught how to behave before entering kindergarten classes. Thank God my Mother loved me enough to teach me how to express myself, that it is not appropriate to have tantrums. Where were this child’s parents?

  13. Heartbreaking. Just heartbreaking. Child abuse. Shame on the teachers for calling the cops and for not stepping in. I would be arrested and tased before I let one of my students be handcuffed and taken away. Shame shame shame

  14. Wow!!!!! I can not believe what I am watching!!!!!Kids bite other kids . Kids hit other people while acting out . this poor little girl. Shoot , Adults do far worse! I am in shock! Why did the school officials even call the police?
    I am a white female , when we were young teenagers in the early 80s , we got pulled up by a police officer for skate boarding on the street . I thought that was crazy. This is far worse . This girl is 6 years old for crying out loud!!!!

  15. It is a known fact the Pigs in USA are trained by the Israeli's in the recent years and it is no secret the Israeli's arrest Palestinian Kids in the Middle of the Night every day of the week worse than this video.

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