Sindh Minister for Local Government Nasir Hussain Shah has announced a prize for…

Sindh Minister for Local Government Nasir Hussain Shah has announced a prize for... 3

Sindh Minister for Local Government Nasir Hussain Shah has announced a prize for... 6

Sindh Minister for Local Government Nasir Hussain Shah has announced a prize for any person or research institution that develops a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. So far, 21 cases of the virus have been detected in the country.



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  1. یہ منہ اور مسور کی دال والے لوگ کروناواٸرس کی ویکسین تیار کرتا ہے۔

  2. The Govt in Pakistan and its provinces needs to take Corona Virus threat very seriously because an outbreak will infect and affect maybe 60-70% of the country due to more rural areas, and mend all the loose points and lapses at the earliest. People were caught entering through Balochistan-Iran border on fake Health certificates issued from Iran, only caught because of wrong date 30th Feb.

  3. Pata chalay k vaccine corona k bajae Mardana Kamzori ka behtareen ilaaj karti hai… bichare mareez hawas k pujari bane pare hongay

  4. پیاز چھو ٹا چھوٹا کاٹ کر لسن کی معیت میں کھیرے کے جوس کے ساتھ نگلا جائے ۔۔
    اب لاؤ میرا انعام

  5. Itnay zaheen hotay tu japan sy agay na nikal chukay hotay.
    Ye apko vaccine tu nae lakin wazeefay aur jadu tonay zarur bta sktay hyn..

  6. پاکستان میں کرونا کے ٹیسٹ کٹس دستیاب نہیں
    جناب ویکسین بنانے کے لئے پرعظم ہے! ، واہ
    آج وہ ممالک جو پاکستان سے 200 سال آگے ہیں وہ نہیں بناسکے پاکستان بنائے گا؟
    پاکستان کی پس پائی اور حالت زار کا اندازے ان جاھل حکمرانوں سے بخوبی لگایا جاسکتا ہے.
    پاکستان کا کیا بنے گا!؟
    اس قوم کا کیا بنے گا!؟

  7. Pathetic sindh government. Can’t you see the reason why sindh is moving back. Why Karachi has become a worst city.

  8. Teachers in Sindh educational institutions can’t even spell ABC properly and they expect the students to make a vaccine?

  9. جاہلوں قران کریم میں سب بیماریوں کا دوا ہے۔اگر کوئی اس پڑھ کر تلاوت کریں ۔

  10. Wow…. what a vision! Instead of spending money on research programs they want private people to invest for govt’s so called prize money.

  11. یہاں کتوں کے کانٹنے کی ویکسین نئی ملتی تم کرونا کی بات کررہے ہو منسٹر صاحب

  12. Such an ironical stupidity…

    A country that is ranked 125th out of 130 countries in terms of the quality and productivity of their education system and then the provience that is on number 3 in the country for the same ranking is expecting something like that from its education system ..

  13. I’ve made a wonderful remedy out of onions and ginger, please approach me. I eagerly need the prize as I’ve to submit my university fee on Monday.

  14. Wow, I am pretty sure Government of Pakistan/Sindh would be the last place to go “if someone in Pakistan” (which is highly unlikely) develops a vaccine for Corona.

  15. People who laughing on his prize money statement don’t be stupid any thing can be invented anywhere doesn’t have to be USA or Israel there are other countries do exist including Pakistan

  16. Virus like Covid-19, ebola and congo are experimented in bio security level 4 Laboratory.
    Thanks to these politicians, there is none in Pakistan of this Calibre.(India has 3 BSL-4 Labs)
    Pakistan has only three BSL-3 labs, one each at NIH, AKUH and Indus Hospital.
    But that is not enough security level for corona virus to be experimented.
    And this guy is putting prize money for developing vaccine.
    We dont need to develop the vaccine. We need to use the already present polio vaccine effectively.

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