The government, in a National Security Committee meeting, decided to keep academ…

The government, in a National Security Committee meeting, decided to keep academ... 3

The government, in a National Security Committee meeting, decided to keep academic institutions country-wide kept closed until April 5. Institutions include all schools and universities, both public and private as well as vocational institutions and seminaries

The government, in a National Security Committee meeting, decided to keep academ... 7


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  1. There was of course no threat of covid19 in this country but due to the negligence and dullness of our govt they let the affected ones enter the country from Iran.
    They should have taken all the cautious steps in this regard.
    And the best news is that when the world community announced aids in cash our state imported the covid19 affected patients from Iran at the soonest.
    It is now Pakistan in the list of affected states as well.
    Be worry free YARO.
    They are also expecting aid in cash.
    Coz you know much better of our down moving economy.

  2. Who is gonna stop traveling this thing will increase the traveling between the cities people of Pakistan will gonna enjoy these holidays # stay safe at home

  3. This is contradicting to the Sindh Govt’s statement regarding the extension of holidays and it subsequently raises a question either the educational institutions in sindh will remain closed till 30th May or 5th April. Clarify it, please.

  4. the question arises here, the educational institutions have more threat or public offices where poeple come directly from airports, where currency is being exchanged???? plz do some thing for them,
    لاوارث کی طرح نہیں چھوڑو۔۔۔۔

  5. It means , noise around my house, with wanton kids roaming around with loose heads, oh dear my listed peaceful readings to be suffered!

  6. Why only academic institutes…. every entertaining place should also be closed….
    Do people will not get corona if they go to cinemas for watching Ehdewafa…??

  7. Please endorse Medical facilities. But please also enforce curfew otherwise people gonna spend vacations in attending marriages , picnics hoteling. Pakistani awam ka pata a tu ha

  8. Good decision, however, other institutions like Banks, Post offices, Govt departments, DC staffs etc … Govt shoukd enforce office timings from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM …to maintain less gatherings and need to accomplish tasks within this time frame for time being. Use of digital methods for maximum financial transactions … Try to use maximum utilisation of Online Resources and less physical interactions.

  9. I think it is unwised decision to close all the teaching institutions, do we have another strategy to deal with the virus after April? If not then why wasting time of children

  10. Good decision but what about the poor teachers! All these private schools will call them to work for sure or send them away with unpaid leaves…

  11. Why just educational institution what’s about other public who’s work or offer their services in different places they have not any threat or fear from Corona virus or their lives are not valuable?Please endorse Medical facilities. Keeping closed of educational institution not the solution of this problem

  12. Very sensible decision … children are more vulnerable to be infected and become secondary carriers, without their knowledge

  13. Educational institutions are the most vulnerable places to such a deadly pandemic. It is a wise decision as lives of people are more precious than anything else.

  14. Let’s pray that everyone remains safe from Corona and it doesn’t affect people. May everything comes to normal.

  15. Merely academic institutions are closed why shopping malls cinemas & such kind of places where people gather too much are left open

  16. We’re under the rules of puppet government and they does not want to prescribed doctors such a vaccines against virus.

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