The National Security Committee has decided to take a number of steps to contain…

The National Security Committee has decided to take a number of steps to contain... 3

The National Security Committee has decided to take a number of steps to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country, including closing the borders with Iran and Afghanistan and cancelling the Pakistan Day parade held annually on March 23.

The meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, was attended by the provincial chief ministers and the civilian and military leadership.

The huddle decided that Pakistan's border entry points with Afghanistan and Iran will be closed for two weeks, the interior ministry announced.

It was also decided to close all educational institutions in the country till April 5, education minister Shafqat Mehmood tweeted.


The National Security Committee has decided to take a number of steps to contain... 7


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  1. نئے پاکستان کا وائرس پھیلانے والے اب کرونا وائرس کے دھندے بنائیں گے

  2. This is a precautionary measure and we should abstain from spreading conspiracy theories without confirmation.
    You might have read about the havocs of the Black Death in Europe in the 14th century(1347-1351)& the Spanish Flu in 1918 that killed 50 million(5 Crore)people.
    WHO has already declared it a global pandemic.
    It can be extremely dangerous for countries like Pakistan which are not equipped with the resources and expertese to deal with it.
    Iran is already paying the price for taking it lightly in the beginning.
    If we close down the markets and businesses the country will come to a stand still..
    We should support the government stance and hope for the best…

  3. Kindly put a ban on all social gatherings including festivals, weddings, restaurants, malls. Enforce strict measures across all airports as well because many have evaded thermal scanners by taking PANADOL. Only then we will be able to get rid of this menace.

  4. Do not cancel provincial capitals as travelling destinations.Land Quarantine is more important as their is no check and out from Iran ,Afghanistan and China side .

  5. The federal govt was sleeping all this. Action taken after yesterday’s meeting at GHQ. What a pathetic leader & govt.

  6. Finally they cancel the parade but also wasted the F16, doesn’t make sense what Pakistan resolution has to so with parade especially f16s

  7. Madaresa / zoo / parks / museums/ unnecessary visit to hospitals / gyms games / trans buses vens / shopping malls / wedding halls / historical places / holy shirens like Bhit Shah Lal Qalandar data ki darbar should be Lock down immediately

  8. We must realize the devastating effects of this pandemic and adopt all measures to stop its spreading. It is a serious matter and not a fun as people of our country behave. Good or bad effects of nature equally apply on every human irrespective of his religion or belief. It is character and approach which lessen or aggravate it.

  9. Pehly government ki khamoshi ka rona ro rahi thi ab awam late decision pe cheekh rahi hai ,,,ye pakistani awam b us sotan ki tarah jo kabhi khush nahi hoti .

  10. When cronavirus outbreaks ulmost different part of the country now nca decides to shut border why didn’t two week before!

  11. All discussed points in today’s meeting, already initiated by Sindh Government. Appreciated efforts Sindh Government in this regard

  12. Then why they rehearsed for 23 March. ..corona virus was reprted in Feb government must have taken decision earlier khair dair I durust i..

  13. has it become our nature or in our nature that we always neglect something untill it becomes fatal then we r at our wit’s end and then nothing is at our finger’end like remedy to this epideic ….it is been too long feeling like that being cognizant too late is exigency !!!!!!! i crossed too

  14. Now the PM must take the Chief Justice into confidence and close courts for one month except for most urgent cases. Days off can be adjusted against the coming summer vacations. We don’t have the resources of China, US or UK & need to act quickly.

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