Brash and bigoted: How Arnab Goswami changed India's TV debate | The Listening Post (Feature)

Brash and bigoted: How Arnab Goswami changed India's TV debate | The Listening Post (Feature)
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Over the past 10 years, viewers in India have witnessed the rise of a new breed of news anchor: brash, aggressive and unapologetically nationalistic.

They trade in conflict, fear and spectacle – a formula that tends to pay off in the ratings and online.

The Listening Post’s Meenakshi Ravi looks closely at a prime practitioner of this news style: Arnab Goswami of Republic TV.


Pragya Tiwari – Delhi-based writer

Kunal Kamra – Comedian

Aditya Raj Kaul – Former senior editor, Republic TV

Manisha Pande – Executive editor, Newslaundry

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  1. Y don't Islam nations turn secular and live as a secular nation instead of Islam nation and accept refugees from other countries and faith and show the world their greatness and then speak

  2. Hey AL JAZEERA first tell the QATARI GOVERNMENT that runs you to be DEMOCRATIC and LESS OF RADICAL ISLAMIST.. then lecture others… I know you cant :). Just making a white guy parrot your lines wont make it any better 😀

  3. I really like the liberal people, all they need is good English conversation skills and zero logic.
    When people of the left do something it's democratic act while for others it's authoritarian, barbaric, fascism.
    The best part is while doing bigotry they blame others to be a bigot.
    While each and every word spoken from there mouth is full of fascism they still blame others to be fascist.
    A state-owned media channel pointing fingers to the other media house for being the puppet and mouthpiece of the government.

  4. This Arnab is a shallow example of a man. He's nothing different from a poison pen. His rhetoric is counterproductive and detrimental to any peace in the whole Subcontinent not just the peaceful future of India. Respect for the comedian for giving this evil man a taste of his own medicine mid air. Lol. He seemed as if the cat bit his tongue. He's no different from those mentally impaired fire brand Mullahs in Pakistan like Rizvi and Saheed probably inspired by the likes of ISIS which in these have been rounded up and punished. Extremism in any form can manifest into chaos in quick time frame. Tapping into peoples insecurities and trying to justify violence and Violations of human rights is a vile act in its self and should be considered highly illegal. Especially when done on prime time TV. I hope india and Pakistan finally get it together and change their ways for the sake of humanity. I crave for peace as war is a ugly and vulgar process where no one really wins. Only death and destruction is the outcome. Truth reconciliation and a peace treaty honoured is the best way forward by all parties concerned. As the great Mahatma Gandhi said "If we all practice eye for a eye the world might become blind" ! Everyone stay blessed. Love and peace from the UK 🙂

  5. If someone kills Arnab…u guys Will still justifying this…only bcoz ur thoughts doesn't mach with him….where is freedom of expression gon now???

    What if someone misbehaving in same
    Way to Aljajira journalist whos thoughts dose not mach with Aljajira journalist???

  6. Arnab brought life, power to journalism to say he brought revival in journalism once, if he would have stayed in same zeal he would have become world wide famous but now I don't think

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