Plan Z – Germany's Secret Sleeping WW2 Battleship Fleet

Plan Z - Germany's Secret Sleeping WW2 Battleship Fleet

Defeated and depleted of military technology after World War I, Germany adopted the highly controversial “Plan Z” in 1939. Launched shortly before the start of World War II, the project could have made Germany’s naval power equal to that of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy, and it called for the construction of 10 battleships, 3 battlecruisers, 4 carriers, 15 Panzerschiffe, 5 heavy and 13 light cruisers, 22 scouts, 68 destroyers, and 90 U-boats for a total of 230 vessels with over 200,000 sailors. Facing a formidable threat from such a surface fleet available may have caused Britain to think twice about their island nation’s vulnerability and may have put Germany on the front-foot for any Sea Lion-like amphibious invasion across the English Channel…

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  1. If Germany would have had aircraft carriers – bringing the Luftwaffe to East Coast US shipyards… there would have been a far different outcome in the Atlantic. Building Aircraft Carriers instead of the cruisers, or converting cruisers into carriers like the Japanese Navy did, would have allowed the Luftwaffe to coordinate air attacks on convoys along with the U-Boat attacks.
    My father is a historian and a retired Navy Captain who studied WWII in every detail… no historian could say definitively that carriers in the Kriegsmarine/Luftwaffe would not have made changes to the war that are not calculable.

  2. Unfortunately, Germany didn't have the capacity or resources to make all of the ships in their plan.
    They literally went to war as a means to gain resources for their war machine which was beginning to falter in 1939.

  3. The fact that the planned H-44 was supposed to be 80 Meters longer and two times heavier than the Yamato amazes me. Supplying that thing would've depleted the dwindling Reich supplies

  4. Looking back you can see how Germany was laying the ground work for ww2 and took advantage of the allies appeasement. Kinda like current day China, they working to genocide Uyghurs Muslims, trying to take land from India, claiming islands that are not theirs, talk about reuniting Taiwan, a partnership with Russian on military traning and building.

  5. Don't get me wrong one of the best channels on YouTube hands down, this is the first time I have any sort of negative comment, but this one has a little too many dates and numbers to keep up with. I'm drawn to this channel daily, but this one is just a little overwhelming dialogue wise

  6. How was this “secret” when all nations knew what they were doing. Germany just kept pushing the line strategically more and more and no one did anything. They just sat there and watched an angered nation rebuild everything militaristic. What a mistake

  7. Hitler had to learn the hard way that battleships are a waste of time. Fortunately for the free world, he had to learn a of things the hard way.

  8. Germany should have gone to submarines from the start 1935-7. They could never catch up with England even if they envisioned no war till 46 . Hitler starting a war with Poland , just torpedoed the German Navy to be impotant and just sacrificing the crews

  9. When you start and lose one war, then start buffing up again…everyone knows what you're doing. Sad thing is, them and Japan tossed the building stipulations and still lost. JUST STAY DOWN AND BE CIVIL! Ask America. Want to try to get involved everywhere on everyone else's turf? Prepare to get pushed back out, especially if you keep the gloves on. There is no morality in war, if it becomes a necessity, take off the gloves and throw hands. Only reason Deutschland and the axis powers lost is because they pissed off the commie pinkos.

  10. New subscriber to this channel been subscribed to dark skies for a while but found all the other dark channels content is really educational as schools don't teach about these topics thank you for your content

  11. This plan could only work if Germany won the first war then they would have had the economy and resources to build that many ships I know that goes into alt history but I believe the Kaiser and Hitler had similar views on the navy meaning the Kaiser would have wanted a navy like that of Plan Z.