26 Helpful Hygiene Hacks to Prevent Viruses and Infections – Ghazal Siddique

26 Helpful Hygiene Hacks to Prevent Viruses and Infections - Ghazal Siddique

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In every day life, one comes into contact with millions of germs, bacteria and viruses. Most of them are harmless but some can make you sick like covid 19 and corona . Adopting personal hygiene practices and living a healthy lifestyle will improve and boost the immune system helping to prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. They can also help you feel good about yourself. It is therefore, very important to wash your beauty tools on regular basis, and avoid using tester beauty products like lipsticks, mascara, eye liner especially contact eye lenses in the beauty shops, departmental stores and shopping malls. Also keep on changing your tooth brush and pumice stone or loofah regularly. Never go to unhygienic beauty parlors or salons for waxing, manicure and pedicure. Also take preventive measures and wash your hands before eating, after cough, sneeze and after touching your pet. Wash your fruits and vegetables before eating to prevent any food poisoning. Store your food in a right temperature inside the fridge; cook meat and chicken thoroughly. Never share your hair brush and personal towel with anyone. Avoid opening doors of shopping mall, restaurant or any public toilet with bare hands. Either open with hands with gloves on or hold or wrap a napkin or tissue paper around your hand. Keep your chopping board and kitchen counter clean. Use disinfecting wipes, anti septic sprays or sanitizers on daily basis to minimize the risk of catching any kind of viral infections and diseases. This video is in Hindi and Urdu.
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  1. Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well and safe from Corona Virus. In this video I am sharing some very useful, helpful and effective hygiene Hacks. I hope you will like it. Please let me know through comments, I am waiting for your comments 🙂

  2. Assalaam aaleikum mohtarmaji. Bahaut aacha aur bahaut ahem ek video hae mohtarmaji. saach me , abhi coronavirus jis tarah se puri duniya me faail raha ha, jis tarah se tamam aadmiyo ke liye dikkhate paeda kar rha hae, ye dekhke mae bahaut pareshaan hu aur daar bhi laag rha hae. aapne bilkul saahi aur ahem maashwara diya. baas ye chahta hoo ki upaarwala saab ki hifazat kare aur tamam insaan mehfooz rahe iss khatarnak kitanu se. Pata nhi aage kya hoga, aur kitne din ye khatarnak coronavirus takat dekhayenge, kitne din hum saab ke liye khatra paida karenge. Iss coronavirus ko rokna namumkin laag rha hae iss waqt. Aab upaarwala shayad saab jante hae. Inshallah. Inshallah. Aap aur aap ki khandan bhi samhal ke rahiye . Allah hafiz.

  3. Assalaam o allaikum
    Kiya aap serums use karti hain.. Anti aging and glowing…AGR karti hain to home made ya buy karti kisi brand ka…plz explain for combination skin