6 Tips to Choose the Best Seat Depending on Your Flight

6 Tips to Choose the Best Seat Depending on Your Flight

To be or not to be, that is… not a question anymore. Aisle seat or window seat — now that is the question! If you ask people where they prefer to sit on a plane, you’ll get tons of different opinions. But is there really some bottom line to this debate?

What can be more beautiful than a city from a bird’s eye perspective? Looking outside just isn’t the same when you’re not next to the window, no compromise here. An aisle seat gives you plenty of leg room, which can’t be said about window seats. But what about the middle seat? Does it have any advantages?

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Window seats 0:24
Aisle seats 2:48
What about the middle seat? 5:01
The safest seats 5:44
Seats that people avoid 6:20
Never seat near the aisle in the vicinity of the bathroom 7:03

– If you’re a good sleeper, there’s nothing better than to take a window seat on a long-haul flight.
– If you’re in an aisle seat, chances are, someone on a fully booked plane would eventually ask you to switch seats with them to be with their companions or family.
– In addition, sitting at the window gives you full control of the shade. If you want to sleep but the light from outside is too bright for comfort, just roll it down!
– If you ever feel stiff from sitting with your legs bent at the knees, you can always stretch them in the aisle.
– On top of that, you are always free to go to the bathroom or just walk a little bit to bring life back to your lower limbs.
– What’s more, aisle seats are strategically important: if you’re smart with your timing, you just might be the first to get off the plane after it lands.
– And yet another reason for aisle seat lovers is that you can see the approaching food cart, and you’ll always be the first to serve your in-flight meal.
– No one wants to be in the middle. You’re about to be crammed between two people with no access either to the window or the aisle, no other headrest than your seat, and no extra leg room.
– According to statistics, you’re better off sitting at the tail of the plane! The thing is, in an emergency situation, the tail has better chances of making it in one piece, which might help keep you in one piece.
– If you have a choice in the matter, try to avoid sitting near the aisle somewhere in the vicinity of the bathroom, both front and tail.
– Closer to the end of your trip, especially if it’s a lengthy one, people will start forming a line to do their business.

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  1. I've never had the experience of being on an airplane myself so really how would I know but it seems like to me an aisle seat would be better cause that way you don't make it too inconvenience for not only yourself but others as well when you have to keep trying to get pass others just to go to the restroom.

  2. If it's a short flight (<2 Hours) Window seat. If it's a medium length flight (2-5 hours) either window or aisle, If it's a longer flight always, always aisle

  3. I like the window seat. I used to flip a coin with my brother to decide who gets the privilege to see the breathtaking scenery below in the window seat. Even if I don’t have as much as legrooms and have to ask when I want to get out, the view is always worth it all!!

  4. As someone who has always been a Fire Warden or Safety coordinator wherever I have worked I volunteer for the emergency seats. Better leg room even though seats don’t recline which I do not do elsewhere as a courtesy. If you choose to accept those seats watch some videos of your responsibilities for that seat. Remember though you have to handle a 60-80 pound door.