A new front in Syria's war – BBC News

A new front in Syria's war - BBC News

The civil war in Syria looks set to enter a new and even more dangerous phase, with government forces on the move to help Kurdish fighters under attack from Turkey. Turkish forces crossed into Syria last week. The Turkish government regards the Kurdish fighters as terrorists, and wants to occupy a buffer zone reaching 20 miles into Syria. The Kurds have now turned to Syria’s President Assad for help. And today Syrian government forces entered several towns just south of the border – setting up a potentially dangerous confrontation with Turkey.

Huw Edwards presents the latest from Syria on tonight’s News at Ten, with contributions from International correspondent Orla Guerin, Middle-East correspondent Quentin Sommerville and Middle-East editor Jeremy Bowen.

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BBC News


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  1. Also,friends,don't forget that Turkey will most likely give the Lands they captured to TFSA,a Jihadi Rebel Groups that have EX-ISIS Members in Their Ranks,they've done Many War-crimes and Also recruit Children in their Ranks,Turkey is anti-Assad,Soo yeaah,Turkey is the bad guy here,Ignore all of these Turk Bots trolls that respond with""B-b-but pkk is ypg actually,And assad barrel bomb hospitals :(( rebels are True Freedom fighters,YPG=PKK=ASSAD=ISIS=USA""

  2. This America beast of war who creates misery for civilisation.
    Bad go America.
    The world should rally against her so that she will experience what these people are going through.

    America is a war hungry Frankenstein.

    Cut it out America,
    make good what you have put yourself to doing.

  3. I know there's a war in our country but I just don't wanna know what it's about I don't really care what it's about everyone is just blaming the other i just want to live in peace why can't we?
    Why do others have to take something they don't own?

  4. If. the Poms had said no to America Syria, might have had 9 years of peace since 2011 instead of 9 years of war. Are but along with Israel they are both ( America and Israel) Rothschild slaves. As is Aljasera.

  5. New and even more dangerous phase? That sounds like baloney. If it were more dangerous now then it would get more news coverage instead of less. The more dangerous phase seems clearly to have been when the government was at risk of being successfully overthrown. Too bad our leaders made so many empty promises to these people when they knew they had zero intention of seeing the overthrow through. However it was foreseeable and the rebels knew the risk they took by trusting western powers to have their best interests at heart. Now we have to the refugees in perpetual care. Quite the legacy from our past leaders.

  6. In order to stay the only super power in this modern world, war is necessary. There is a cost to pay in being and staying the one and only super power. The hammer of the world?

  7. The TRUTH is that when all nations have EQUAL WEALTH worldwide, there will be no more wars! USA doesn’t want equal wealth, so every death from anything and everything, can be blamed on USA! See these words, USA! There should be equal wealth worldwide and start building only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide! Read “ROGUE STATE” by Wm Blum to see why we must blame USA!

  8. The BBC shamelessly lying, as usual.
    Giving the impression there's ''growing concern about the crisis within the international community''.
    What does that even mean ?
    It's literally, nonsense.
    Civil War ??
    What the fuck ?
    These recent tragic events are a direct consequence of the (failed) US-backed proxy war designed to bring about regime change in order to steal Syria's natural resources.

  9. BBC. Is. More. Rotten than our Shit Médias …!
    Incredible !! The interview of a Syrian Business man Pro ASSAD. Was a
    SHAME. !
    You. Belong. To Sionist. My British Friends …!!

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