Assault weapon bans and background checks: Candidates on where they stand

Assault weapon bans and background checks: Candidates on where they stand

Each of the seven Democratic candidates made their case for why they are the strongest on gun control. Bernie Sanders defended his record while admitting his vote to shield gun manufacturers from legal consequences was wrong. Elizabeth Warren stressed the need to get rid of the filibuster to help push gun control through Congress. Watch their remarks here from the CBS News Democratic debate from Charleston, South Carolina.


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  1. same old same old,, promise all kinds of things (free everything this time around) and then deliver NOTHING (they couldn't even if they wanted too, there is not enough money for even ONE of their plans

  2. If you are attacking the 2nd or support gun control. 100 deaths by gun violence includes suicides. Which is a big number of that. And it's the 2nd because it's very important. Not for hunting but for us the people to defend ourselves from an oppressive government

  3. These candidates are not your friend. They don't care about you or protecting your children or families. They want duty to retreat laws, they don't want you to defend yourself. They want a total gun ban, not "common sense gun laws" not just a ban on "assault weapons" they want all of them. They want you to be defenseless, harmless, useless, silenced and replaced. They won't acknowledge that more guns are used in self defense in our country than crime or that they are equalizers for the vulnerable. Once the US loses it's 2A it will lose it's 1A. Then the consequences will be felt world wide. Your defenseless, poor, defeated life is worth nothing to the tyrants that want control, you will be discarded at their leisure. History repeats itself, don't be complacent because you have never seen it happen in your lifetime.

  4. Wait, WTF did Biden say? 150,000,000 PEOPLE? That would mean that OVER 11,535,000 PEOPLE would have had to die every year. The total amount of gun deaths INCLUDING suicide and justified homicides are not even A HALF OF ONE PERCENT of that. What is with the blatant deception and lying? Why do they deceive and mislead people so much when it comes to their anti gun agenda?

  5. People that know nothing about guns will not dictate how I protect myself and my family. All these candidates are hypocrites and surround themselves with armed security. They don’t even know the real facts behind “gun violence” 65+% is gang violence and most gun deaths are suicides. If a carpenter building you a house with a hammer and nails and your house is lopsided, who will you blame? The carpenter or the tools he used? Stop blaming guns, that’s not the real issue. The real issue is the sick people ILLEGALLY obtaining guns. The day guns are outlawed is the day I become an outlaw too. They WILL NOT take anything from me. Especially not my guns.

  6. This country was founded by people with guns. If we didn't have guns then we would still be ruled by the English. Furthermore, every time a country in this world committed atrocities against its people it all started with firearm confiscation. Secondly, gun registration is without a doubt the first step to gun confiscation. The only way to protect ourselves and our way of life is to keep Democrats from ever holding office again. I'm afraid that the next time a Democrat gets in office will start a sequence of events that will probably end in a civil war.

  7. I like when they use columbine as an example as to why we need an assault weapons ban. It happened during the assault weapons ban and the guns used weren't "assault" weapons.

  8. 150 million people since 2007 ?!!!
    Sounds to me like the Assaultocaust !

    Gosh these politicians don't know Jack squat about firearms. And it's so agitating. These are the people making the rules!

  9. Congratulations to the guy who attacked Biden on being a gun confiscator. Biden's argument Rings Hollow because he only owns
    shotguns and never mention self-defense or the true purpose of the 2nd, deterring tyranny Terraria Unfortunately the guy didn't seem to know about NFA legal full auto weapons held mostly by the rich. Nevertheless he deserves kudos for getting in there and trying

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