Bernie Sanders takes commanding lead in CNN poll of polls

Bernie Sanders takes commanding lead in CNN poll of polls

One thing is abundantly clear from CNN’s poll of polls: It’s Bernie Sanders … and then the rest of the 2020 Democratic presidential field, at the moment.

Sanders stands alone at 28% — almost double the support of his next closest challengers: former Vice President Joe Biden (16%), former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (15%) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts (13%). Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is at 10% and Minnesota’s Sen. Amy Klobuchar is at 7%.
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  1. We all know about Conspiracy Nut Networks "polls." Come on CNN, it was only three years ago. Lol We didn't forget about how "accurate" your polls were already. LOL If you got over your arrogance and used your brain, you would lie in the other direction to freak people out into voting. Telling people Sanders has a commanding lead just means less people will be worried about voting. Pride before the fall.

  2. How stupid must you be to actually want socialism in the US. Big government controlling every aspect of your life leads to despair, misery and corruption. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Jesus just read a history book ffs. I wish these brainwashed leftist would actually study the failed ideology they are currently supporting through Bernie. Its horrifying people can be this uneducated and misguided. Bernie is the embodiment of hypocrisy and a wolf in sheep's clothing. I choose freedom and person responsibility over hive mind sponges who think everything should be free. You people who support Bernie are seriously an embarrassment and should be ashamed of your ignorance.

  3. Socialism is great for the have nots for a while ..then the rich run out of moola to spread around. Even a billionaire's cash does not go far when spread amongst millions of needy people..

  4. Let me make this Perfectly Crystal Clear to ALL Liberal Media Propagandists and Liberal Civilian DOLTS: Even if Bernie manages to become the Democratic nominee, he will be Destroyed by President Trump in the General Election. Make Absolutely NO Mistake about that. ALL Intelligent Americans will NEVER allow a Socialist/Communist Liberal Political HACK to confiscate their wealth through Extremely HIGH taxes. N-E-V-E-R! Bernie's Radical ideas will not only Destroy America's economy it will also destroy the lives of Hard-working Americans.

    Wake up ALL Liberal DOLTS. You people better realize that Socialism/Communism is a CANCER that must never be allowed to metastasize in America! This country Must Stay Free from Liberal Political HACK endorsed Social and Economic Destruction!



    MAGA! KAG!


  5. Bloomberg is just in the race to take delegates from Bernie..he isnt there to win, just to let the DNC steal it from Bernie..that why he didnt even participate in first 2.

  6. Wildly unpopular democratic policies are making it easy for Trump, Yet they continue with hairball positions, Its as though they support republican policy's , We need a political balance for a functioning government, As it is it will be years for a democrat return to government.

  7. “I think what he(Trump) is trying to do is sow division”
    So right on. That what he has done his entire presidency. This country is more divided than ever since under his administration.

    That’s what he’s the best at-discrediting anyone and anything that interferes with his huge E G O. And people fall for it. I used to wonder how it was possible that people blindly followed Hitler with such devotion. Now it’s not so hard to imagine after seeing Trump supporters continually fall for his divisive bs.

    Bernie fights for the people.
    Trump fights to defend his ego.
    The end.

  8. Watched Parts ! Found them All very Childlike in their Personal attacks towards eachother ! I was expecting someone to come out and Say Oh Yeah ! Your Mother wears Combat Boots ! None of them are Out to help the American people sensibly ! Their Plans are Meaninglesss and Very VERY Expensive ! I wouldn’t Vote for any of these Clowns !

  9. Bernie bought three homes off donations from supporters. What socialist owns three homes and millions of dollars. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union. He bought his own books cause nobody wanted to read his trash socialism

  10. Bernie released THREE thoroughly detailed reports, which say he's in incredible shape. "Hurr durr where's his medical reports??" is VERY birther mentality and you need to stop stoking that narrative.

  11. Sanders always crying about billionaires buying the elections, when he is spending million trying to bye the election.he is sick to watch,trump I don't watch I delete or change channel when his mug appears on my devices.

  12. Here goes Hillary calling everyone named Bernie Sanders and Elsie Gabbard a Russian asset again. When everyone knows EX Secretary of state Hillary used that position to get in bed with the Russian's KGB and now they (Hillary, THE KGB and Putin) are trying to kick Bernie out of her way to get the one thing she would kill and probably already have killed for. To be President. And she knows BERNIE is in her way. BERNIE SHE WILL DO "ANYTHING" TO GET YOU DEFEATED. AND I DO MEAN ANYTHING. STAY SAFE BERNIE. SHE'S EVIL.

  13. Robin Justice ,
    What I am saying is .
    I studied Reading body language for a Profiling job! I say Bloomburge has a Tell. I'm saying when he lies he switches his eyes to far oposit side .doesn't look at the people .folding his arms when he is avoiding truth and
    Really getting nervous nervous.
    Now Burnie breaths deep breath has hate look about him.also a lier.about Denmark and Sweeden both seeing a Socialist country's.They are free Beautiful places to see friendly people Shania Twain lives in
    Sweeden Believe it when I say he is feeding folks lines of bull hocky.! Bernie is a pure communist and a supporter of communist rule funds
    Cuba's communist socialist reigene army in the 70s and 80s Bernie funded the cash to Feidele Castroes Ethnic cleansing campaign .
    TheDems really don't want Bernie in congress they know he will have worst world devide than they plan on.Then their families will
    Suffer ! His plans will
    Confiscate all lands owned by farmers and ranchers .And close down big business whitch means The buisneses
    That Polosie and other Dems own will suffer.Medical for all
    No one will have big
    Name brands of meds .only the leeser
    Efectiveefs. Only the ritch will receive best care and only wealth
    Prooves a person werthy of best.and Medicines , Medical .

  14. Well the CNN polls don't mean much anyway. The trouble is Bernie Sanders is a communist promoting exactly what has killed millions around the world and anyone who supports him are stupid and uneducated people.
    "The goal of Socialism is Communism." ~Vladimir Lenin

  15. This is the first time I've seen Bernie's wife in an interview. It reminds me of that saying "behind evey great man is a great woman." Cause man she is sharp as a tack. That's the type of person you wanna have by your side.

  16. Look leftists … I know you think it’s “cool” to ‘rock the system’ and elect a socialist, but you honestly do not understand what this means. No more gaming. No more freedom. No more pot. No more drinking. Your college won’t be paid for. None of your debt will be forgiven. That old fuck Sanders hates you and this country. He always has. I know you think I’m just pushing Trump at all costs, but I am 56 and never voted in my life! Ever! Don’t do this, please! It will be too late. I have money and can leave the country, like all of us with money. Who do you think is going to be left to pay the costs of that psycho-Nazi Sander’s is pushing? YOU, that’s who! Again, I know you don’t believe me but try getting your mind around this: No company will make your games, grow your weed, or allow you to fucking skateboard on the street. I have lived in Socialist Countries. I have gone through a coup in Thailand! I have served in the military and saw exactly what Socialism does to an individual…it saps the life right out of them and destroys anything and everything worth living for. One day you will see what I mean and you will remember this. You think nothing will change … YOU ARE DEAD AND DEAD WRONG! IT WILL! I PROMISE! AND NOT FOR THE BETTER. “SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO LET SOMEONE WALK INTO TRAFFIC BEFORE THEY LEARN .. AND THEN, IT IS ALWAYS TOO LATE.

  17. What happened to Bernies lead is his Castro statements. I can tell all these folks who are baffled that as soon as I heard him start explaining why Socialism worked in Cuba, I knew that he couldn't keep his thoughts about his Social policies clear enough for people to understand why Democratic socialism is different than Socialism. It made me fear that he would loose against Trump.

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