BREAKING: 41 more cases confirmed in Sindh, Pakistan’s total rises to at least 9…

BREAKING: 41 more cases confirmed in Sindh, Pakistan's total rises to at least 9... 3

BREAKING: 41 more cases confirmed in Sindh, Pakistan’s total rises to at least 94.


BREAKING: 41 more cases confirmed in Sindh, Pakistan's total rises to at least 9... 7


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  1. Pakistan mein corona ny aurat march ke gathering k baad prevail kia hai 8th march ko pseudo aurat march hua 13th march ko partial emergency declare ke gai

  2. Is this same provincial govt who is unable to arrange rabies (resultant of infected dog’s bite) vaccine, now creating havoc for international brand corona? Is this for WHO aid or what? Even why CM sb portaraying agha khan standard to the world what about state hospitals like civil jinnah etc ? & why cm sb carrying all patients from interior & iran borders here to outbreak virus in local resdient which are aproximately about 4.5 crore ? Epi centre should be at every provincial district

  3. Thats okie.. We all have to taste death. Living in this cruel world is more dangerous than this so called Corona. Corona is a blessing ❤

  4. That’s a big jump.
    I request the oxford educated PM to take care of Muslims of Pakistan and take necessary action to save the humanity.

  5. How sad .. the humanity is on threat and during SAARC conference representative of Islamic Republic of Pakistan were deeply concerned about Kashmir..

  6. Thanks China, for giving such an ugly gift to whole world.
    Despite being sorry for this, you are blaming US.
    Your mess is creating so many lives lost, inconvenience, global economy in turmoil..

  7. Every rout shall be closed with Sindh for any type of movement , and movement between cities shall be closed too

  8. When your PM is more busy singing Kashmir Song even on Saarc covid meet rather than seeking cooperation such things are bound to happen.

  9. Late closure of borders, Lack of federal and provincial coordination… A country with 197 Million people at risk.

  10. The way cases are increasing day by day I’m afraid we’re heading towards next and much more dangerous stage. 41 in 1day not far from catastrophe.

  11. The no of cases in South Asia will prove to be a time bomb which is yet to yet to explode. The more people will get tested, the rapid will be the spike.
    May God be with us all.

  12. I think government should not be blamed of this
    Government is try best in order to control it
    Education is stopped just for this many business are stopped everything is Off
    I think completely Pakistan especially Sindh is locked just for this…
    And some people are blaming government is not doing anything

  13. Well done dawn! Thanks for giving us mini heart attacks every moment. Awam corona se mari na mari tmhari breaking sun sun k zaror mar jye gi

  14. I am not surprized. The way the National govt and the provincial govts are sleeping, this was supposed to happen

  15. It seems some kind of Mass gathering happened there in Karachi. Then only corona cases are increasing all of a sudden. Just 5 minutes ago, I read that there are 84 cases in Pakistan! Now it’s 94!!!

  16. And when SAARC countries were trying to make the strategy to prevent this disaster then an incompetent minister in the meeting were paddling his false propoganda on Kashmir…

  17. No need to worry yet 50 of the 76 patients are those who were kept in quarantine first in Taftan then now in Sukkur so they have not mingled in crowds and community transfer will not be happening. Dawn should mention that. This half report will increase panic among people.

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